Saitek X65F question

Hi y’all,

I use the Saitek X65F. I love it. There is one thing I am wondering about , so I thought I would put it out to you conscientious simmer brothers and sisters. I have just started flying IL2 COD-Team Fusion. Since you cannot direct program curves , I use the Saitek software for them. Unfortunately they are global curves, meaning they effect DCS, BMS, FSX…etc. Does anyone know how to program curves into a joystick using the COD Team Fusion software in setup?

Hi @w_lloughby!

I’m not that familiar with the Saitek X65F software, but if it is like the X-55, then you’re right - it changes profiles globally for things like curve and deadzone.

One idea I had was perhaps use something like DXTweak2 or VJoy to configure your stick curves outside of the Saitek software? That way you could just use those binds in ClOD but just use the straight X65F in other sims?

There’s some info on those utils here:

Thanks , I never thought of that.