Samsung Odyssey & Odyssey Plus News



Do you know if this will work on Win10 1607? I’ve managed this long to not update but I bet I have to go to 1709.


I’ve had no issues with Revive and the developer updates it often.


I don’t know, but always got the impression that the WMR will require a pretty up-to-date build, as in 1803 was in April 2018, and that fixed a bunch of issues.


Some more reviews trickling in on the Odyssey + that give me some hope that it might be money well spent as a half step toward the next gen:

“Let’s be real, you didn’t come here to find out about the crazy comfort changes they made to the Odyssey+. You came here to find out if the anti-SDE filter really works. I’ll say right now, it’s a night and day difference between the Odyssey+ and every other current gen headset.”

More expanded comments (as usual…take all social media posts with a grain of salt…who knows what motivates users or who they work for. Not trying to be cynical…just trying to be realistic…)


And some pictures that guy took through the lenses:

“take into account this is a smartphone picture of a VR headset, center of my picture is most clear, zooming in isn’t representative of anything, and none of this substitutes for really seeing it”


And another, more critical review of the + here:

“The first and obvious answer is that the anti-SDE is legit. I was concerned before getting the headset that the image might be too soft. I will say that my gut reaction is that it’s less crisp than the Oculus Go, but not as “soft” as I feared. Overall the image itself is much more pleasant that my Rift and PSVR. Speaking of PSVR, the image is very much like how you might imagine a higher res PSVR to look. I like it.”

“Unfortunately what I like pretty much ends right there. I measured FOV with the FOV utility where you move the green-bars, and I measured it at about 90 degrees with my glasses. If I take my glasses off and smash my face into the HMD (so much so that the bridge of nose pushed between the extruded area where the lenses are) then I can get this FOV to about 100. It would not be possible to wear the HMD in this manner.”

“Another problem is edge distortion with the lenses. Last year when I tried the Dell WMR, it had very bad edge distortion that was noticeable with the HMD positioned in the sweet spot and with my eyes focused dead center. I assumed the distortion was because the lens diameter was too small. The Odyssey+ (and perhaps the OG Odyssey) has larger lenses and I believe it’s better but I can still see edge distortion.”

More at the link below:


The dream review would be a Rift vs SO+ comparative review using X-Plane or DCS with someone that knew what they are doing with settings. Every single VR reviewer that gets stuff first seems to be like ‘Yeah, it’s so great for Fruit Ninja VR!’ or some such dross, when what I want to know is cockpit stuff. Cockpit VR fans, we’re like unicorns or something. :unicorn:

The Odyssey+ resolution means that I can use 1.6 equivalent pixel density in DCS with my current CPU/GPU (with the VR DCS mod, which is a miracle worker), and rather than over-sample it actually be at native resolution. The new SO+ anti SDE stuff will be great if it doesn’t reduce clarity in all those lovely new pixels. That’s the killer question for me right now. Reading the early impressions makes me hopeful, in that the Samsung filter tech is really clever at filling in the blacks between the pentile layout but still being clear.

I personally want higher FOV in VR as well but for that I will need :slight_smile: a new PC build to drive that (with a 2080Ti etc) and have to throw myself at the mercy of a guy in a Chinese warehouse somewhere which means we might be talking around April 2019 plus $1000 at the very least. Far too long for me to wait, plus too many risks and ‘leading edge tax’. The SO+ looks like the best shot by far for the ‘after Rift’ update.

Help us @BeachAV8R, you’re our only hope… :slight_smile:


I keep looking at my e-mail hoping for a “shipped” message. Currently still showing back-ordered. I’ll be sure to pop it out of the box the minute it arrives and post up a quick and dirty comparison between the Rift and the O+ using some similar shots (cockpit clarity, gauges, etc…) I’m pretty excited for this…


Lol I just did that before I read your comment. I think I remember reading something like “will ship after Nov 4th” before I placed the order. I cant find that anywhere now though. With all your articles they ought to send you a headset early so you can write some reviews.


That’d be great…but I’m small potatoes these days compared to the Twitchers and Tubers. Heck, I get most of my impressions from those faster content creators myself. I’m still old school, chew my food kind of slow with these things. The O+ and GTX 1080 were about the only two hardware things I adopted early.

But yeah…to your point - Samsung, move me to the top of the shipping list! :nerd_face:


Still showing Back Ordered. It wasn’t supposed to ship until the 4th anyway…but I keep hoping I’ll see an update in my e-mail…


Steve from VR Roundtable is going to be doing a stream on the O+ in about two hours from now (around 6PM EDT). I’ll be out with the kid doing the trick-or-treat thing…so I’ll miss it…


Am I going to need USB 3.0? I don’t think I have that (I have 2.0)…what are my options? I guess a PCIe board?


Or do I?



The Rift requires USB 3.0, so you already have it. Actually, you’ll need it less, as the Odyssey only uses one USB port versus the headset + number of sensors on the Oculus side.


Yeah. I’m about 20 minutes through that video that streamed a couple hours ago. I’m at the point where the guy is railing against the fit of the O+ and lack of adjustments on it. He said he has a small head and an IPD of 61. I have a big head and an IPD of 68…so I wonder if it is a size/fit issue (I hope). Continuing to watch…


Part of some of his fit problems are related to his glasses. He states that WidmoVR wants to send him some prescription inserts. I will be ordering those immediately because I LOVE the ones I have in my Rift…


They are a bit painful to listen to, lots of ‘Fruit Ninja VR’ opinions.

Tip: put the youtube playback speed (in youtube settings) to 1.5, it helps :slight_smile:


Looks like the Cliff Notes version of the video (put together by Reddit user Unikin):


  • potential problems for people with smaller heads (rigid non flexible construction)

  • problems for people wearing glasses (eyes not being close enough to screens)

  • worse controlers than Rift (better than Vive though)

  • possible outside light leakage

  • image a bit softer than Rift/Vive (but details are not lost)

  • minor god rays and concentric rings in bright scenes (but much less than Vive)

  • cable too short (only 4m or so)


  • almost no visible SDE

  • brighter than Rift but not too bright

  • excellent colors and black level

  • text readability good (better than Rift/Vive/PSVR)

  • measured FOV wider than Rift (100 vs 90 degrees)

  • audio loud and clean (bass on the weaker side though)

  • installation a breeze


Some initial thoughts from Reddit user Vanilla_Jedi specifically related to flying the F/A-18 in DCS:


I’ll jump right into the screen. It’s pretty freakin’ good. Almost too good. What do I mean? With the SDE (screen door effect) almost gone it unfortunately shows off the lower res settings of VR. Best analogy I can think of is cleaning a dirty car (SDE) and then realizing all the scratches (lower res textures) that were underneath. But honestly, that is a nit pick and it will make it hard to go back to my Rift.


I wear a larger hat size and it is tight firt on me. If you know that you have a larger melon :slight_smile: you might want to do a test fit at a local store. I’m in the US so the Microsoft store carries it. At least the one by me does. The comfort problem may cause me to return it. However, the screen is soo good to me it’s almost worth the headache.


Additional observations in this thread: