Samsung Odyssey & Odyssey Plus News



Later he states the minimum IPD setting is 63…hmm…but he states he uses 64 in the Rift…and 67 in the O+ because it looks best there…


The fit seems odd, but the apparently the Odyssey was always odd for that. You have to get the base quite low on the rear of your head, and for people coming from the Rift tend to wear it ‘too high’ or something…


Regarding usb compatibility and such, you can download the windows mixed reality app ahead of getting the actual headset, and it’ll check that your machine is “wmr ready” including checking driver compatibility.

For me for example, the usb3 port I was using had a driver that windows didn’t like, and took about 20 min of googling to find a fix.


Yep, checker here -

I’d probably need to pick up a Bluetooth adapter, as not sure if my motherboard even has that, or I disabled it.


I read somewhere that the Odyssey+ was shipped with a bluetooth adapter… not 100% sure on that.

Looks like I’m going to have to update Win10 to at least 1709 :frowning:
Windows Updates are the bane of my existence, especially at work.


Yeah, I remember reading that as well. Last info I saw was that the FCC certification for the SO+ Headset listed Bluetooth 5.0 in the unit. I also remember seeing an unboxing video of the Plus that mentioned the ‘controllers were already paired to the headset, which was nice.’.

So on balance I think it has it already at a guess. The store spec sheets (of course) list the old (wrong) specs.



Some of his impressions are around the 1 hour mark. He seemed mostly disappointed with tracking his head position along the lateral and longitudinal axis, but if you read the chat, a users suggests that the Odyssey needs the controllers in sight for a reference. If it doesn’t see them it might try to do a best guess and they think that’s what he might have been experiencing.

When out of view, the WMR software will attempt to predict the controller’s position in real time using a mix of headset position and the controller’s internal orientation sensors

This is a tracking state that Microsoft calls “approximate accuracy,” and is one of four states the controllers can inhabit.

​I understand but when mine wasn’t tracking right, which yours is doing the same right now, was fixed by me turning the controllers on and having them in view of the headset


Also just found this of the Odyssey vs Odyssey+ text comparison:



It looks like I’m all good. I don’t have BlueTooth on my motherboard, but from what I understand the Odyssey + has BlueTooth onboard that communicates (and is already paired) with the hand controllers…so hopefully that will not be a speed bump.


Well hopefully they can be in sight but still be invisible. For instance, when I’m in X-Plane or DCS, if we need the controllers to be in view for positional reference for the headset, I’d rather not have my hands out there visible when I’m not using them. I wonder how wide a field of view the headset has with reference to seeing the controllers (I’m not talking about FOV displayed in the headset - rather the FOV ability to track the hand controllers). So if I had one controller at 90 degrees left and right…I wonder if that would be sufficient.


Yeah, I can see in the chat comments in the You Tube video comments section that someone says he does not have positional tracking on, only head tracking, and the guy says after the video was made he switched it and it works perfectly. Yay!


FYI, my hand controllers are under the table and out of site. Never been a problem for me.


I just got the Odyssey Plus to day and will switch from Oculus if I can get it to work do I need the Steam version of DCS all my modules and maps are DCS versions


If you upgrade to Mudspike Plus you get free punctuation. :slight_smile:


No, the standalone version of DCS supports SteamVR without Steam running. You don’t need to use the Steam version of DCS.

You will need to install Steam separately (so as SteamVR is on your system), plus also add the Steam WMR ‘bridge’ bit here I beleive:

There’s a good ‘get started and install’ topic here that should be applicable to the Plus as well:

@Freak did an excellent job of keeping that up-to-date.


Another review is in…I’m starting to notice a trend with the comfort factor and I can only hope I have the “Samsung Robot Sized Head”. Note, he is coming from an Explorer (no idea what that is) and not a Rift or Vive…so I think maybe the SDE improvement isn’t as impactful for him.


I bet you have worn your fair share of DC headsets. Maybe still do, for all I know.
Either way, it means you have «Pilot Sized Adaptable Head».
We wear what comes with the aircraft, and we like it. :wink:


So, my ‘legacy’ odyssey hasn’t really had any issues to speak of with head tracking, and that’s without turning on the controllers (eg DCS). Surprised this wasn’t working well here.

I know it’s important to have a well lit room, so the cameras can clearly pick up your surroundings.


ok thanks got DCS to work but, when head set is on mouse will not work