Sargoth's Video Thread

Hi, I am new here. Heard about this place from good friend of mine, Esonub. You might have already seen his video thread on here.
We usually play together. So many of my videos might be considered companion videos to his.

Here’s my first video on here! Hope you like it :sunglasses:


Welcome to Mudspike, @Sargoth, and thanks for sharing. Love the long vid and the fact that you’re flying the “old” Hawg. Looking forward to more vids!

Thank you :blush:

@Sargoth - Nice video and welcome aboard! That is some pretty smooth TrackIR footage - I’d be curious what your settings are (curves and deadzones and stuff…) Any chance you can post a screenshot of your TIR setting for DCS?

Great vid!


These are TrackClip Pro settings.
I tried to keep the input as straight as possible, with decreasing input the further out it gets. I’m not too happy with the current settings and I am going to change them even more. So that I don’t have to turn my head too much as I do with these settings.
TrackIR, in my experience, tends to spasm wildly when you turn your head at extreme angles. Which also lends itself for the TrackClip Pro to get out of view (or overlaps its dots) of the TrackIR itself, and subsequently loss of tracking ability with these settings.
TrackIR settings


I’m back with new video. Trying to get a grip on Il-2 Sturmovik: Battle for Stalingrad :blush:

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Doing another video on Battle of Stalingrad :sweat_smile:


Doing another video. This time just to check how the end product looks like on the tube. And upping the video resolution from 720p to 1440p. Finally I can do the same quality as @bunyap2w1!


Wow, has it been three months. O_O

was good fun … but maaaaan im rusty in warthunder :stuck_out_tongue:

Been playing a bit of Armored Warfare. Been testing out the PVE and been really enjoying that :blush:


i got the game and played only once totaly forgot about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Grab me and we’ll roll out!

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