SATA power cable question

Since my internet is down (and thanks to Spectrum missing my appointment today - will be down until Thursday) I broke out the tools to finish my new computer upgrade. Yes…”new computer upgrade” is a funny sentence that my wife is confused about.

So I took the side of the case off and took the 2TB Seagate Barracuda out and put in two SanDisk Ultra 3D SSDs at 2TB each. Well, I put in one, but was surprised to see under the mounting pad for the second one I did not have a SATA power cable end. I have the larger connector but not the smaller one. So do I need to buy a power splitter for the one that is there?

The two SanDisks will give me a total of 8TB spread over two m.2 and two SSDs…

The larger connector is for power, the small one is for the data. The small one is connected to a free slot on your Motherboard with a SATA cable.

So the 1 power plug is a Molex power end?? if so you can get a molex to SATA power adapter…

But if your Power supply is modular you should have had extra cables in the box the PSU came in…

Molex to SATA Power cable

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I guess i misread that, yes as The_Nephilim says you can get a molex to SATA adapter or check if your motherboard came with a cable that has two SATA power plugs.

Maybe this?

or this

But you don’t need to get the 5-pack :slight_smile:

No, you read it right, my description was just wrong. For some reason I thought the smaller of the two connectors was the power, but as you all have said, it is the SATA cable that goes to the motherboard. I do have an extra power end, but I don’t have an extra SATA end to plug into the drive. Why would they put two bays there but only one SATA connection? I’ll have to poke around and see if there is another SATA connection on the motherboard and if so how to run that cable.


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You probably have an open SATA port on your mobo. Should be easy to find a data cable around town. You are near Raleigh?

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Molex is the predecessor of SATA power plugs, older drives used molex. When SATA came up, some drives had both SATA and molex power connectors.

Molex can also be used to power accessories like fans etc, but even there more modern plugs exist.

According to the motherboard specs, it should have 4xSATA ports. So you should only need to get another SATA cable and locate a free spot on the board. Getting to the ports will probably be the hard part…

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Make sure the new SATA cable says 6GB/s somewhere on it, as an old cable could fit but not be full speed for the latest spec.

It looks like your four SATA slots are down near the graphics card, around the memory slots.

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Thanks! Had I known they hadn’t pre-run a SATA cable I could have reached that area when I put the mobile mounted m.2 drive in…

SATA’s can only fit in one way with that ‘L’ shape in the central socket, plus usually have a metal press grip. I say that as if it’s a really tight fit you can sometimes use pliers or something to ‘guide’ it in till it clicks - might save having to take too much apart.

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