Saudi F-15SA...woot!

Uh…yes please! I’ll take two! The F-15E is probably my most favorite simulated airplane in sims of all time…I’m hopeful we’ll see it in DCS World at some point…

Uh…we’re gonna need a long runway and a tanker airborne please:

“When it comes to weapons, the F-15SA can carry almost anything in the inventory. In the incredible image above showing an “extreme multi-role loadout” it packs: 2x AIM-120AMRAAMs, 2x AIM-9X Sidewinders, 2x AGM-84 SLAM-ERs, 2x AGM-88 HARMs, 6x GBU-54/B Laser JDAMs, and 8x GBU-39/B Small Diameter Bombs.”



Finally they are using stations one and nine! Honestly this is were the US Air Force messed up.

We dont need the F-35. We need more 15s

It would be good and bad, good because I love the E, bad because I would probably never touch another module :smile: