Save the Date! Mudspike Arma MP Event July 2 and 3!

If you’ve been on the fence whether you should take advantage of the weekend Arma 3 sale on Steam, Mudspike will be coordinating a weekend-long event on July 2nd and 3rd of various Arma 3 missions and events.

More info will be posted closer to the event.


Great stuff :smiley:

Hopei can make it

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While DLC will not be required to join in the festivities, $10 is an amazing price for the Helo DLC alone.

Nope no DLC. Will will however be using a mod set that will be downloadable from the steam workshop.

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That said BI is an awesome company and you should buy their DLC if you can.

I’ll give you an internet high five.

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That’s only a high three in Canadian currency though. :wink:

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Are you sure that’s not tree fiddy?

Personally, I love that Taru helo…and even more since the community did with it what BI should have from the beginning…make the modules that you can hook up to drop and pick up:

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According to google it’s a High 6.47

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