Saving Rudder Pedals in XPlane 11

I have the Mark III pedals but Xplane 11 will not allow me to configure and save calibration. Has anyone successfully been able to do this? This is a copy of note I sent to Laminar Research, the developer of XPlane 11.

I am still having issues with this rudder pedal. Here is a copy of letter from VKB, Sim North America. I have done all he said, I have calibrated but it won’t allow me to select next so I hit cancel and I save as default for VKB Tiny Box. I can see the rudder pedals operate the rudder joystick in say the Flight Factor 767 but every time xplane 11 loads, it says “uncalibrated device” so I have the option to calibrate or ignore. Is there no way to get around this. This is a major hassle to have to do this EVERY time xplane loads or i select another airplane or what ever.

Bob M.

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On a somewhat related note, it is confusing how you can save configurations for some controllers and not others. For instance, there is a save config button for my Saitek pedals, but not my TM Warthog gear. Since the assignment for prop to move to beta is different from thrust reversal, I can’t assign the same switch on my TM Throttle. I’ve tried X-Assign, but it crashes the latest build of XP11 during load of a saved aircraft sets.

There has been some discussion of using a LUA script with FlyWithLua. Or perhaps XPUIPC?

@unc1rlm, I know that this doesn’t address you exact issue with the VKB pedals, but perhaps more attention to the control space will help.

So there is a rumor that controller profiles will be introduced in XP 11.10. I say rumor, because I couldn’t find the reference in the dev blog.

Thanks Chipwich…I have written vb-North America about this problem…Maybe they will contact Laminar Research about this. Maybe its just a matter of sending over the correct “profile” to incorporate in an xplane 11 update. I don’t know but we’ll see what happens, maybe nothing.

Maybe someone will jump in that has successfully done this. I have the Mark III rudder pedals. Saitek Yoke.

Bob M.

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