SB Pro PE OPFOR Session 1-21-2017

The basic idea of the mission is to fight through a border defense zone in a fictional neutral country in Central Europe in the 1980s.

The border area consists of a series of dug in, obsolescent tanks being used as field fortifications. Recon provided eyes on these for the artillery to hammer.

However the artillery did little to these old dug in beasts. A platoon of T-72s were called in to neutralize these guns covering the border crossing.

The fortifications were destroyed, however this was done not without losses.

A TC from one of the vehicles in the platoon looks on, stunned, at the death of his comrades.

The sacrifice pays for the recon to advance forward to scout the rest of the immediate border area. What they encounter is a formidable line of mines, which are covered from a distance by more dug in hulks and ATGMs, which take the recon under fire.

Armor which is moved up to provide security for the recon company suffers losses.

While the mine belt is not continuous, the battalion commander decides to make a breach in a less exposed area, instead of entering a ready made trap for his force.

While the breach progresses the recon company continues to try to feel the enemy out, at a cost.

The breach is successful, and the battalion’s tanks start to pour through towards the enemy.

The enemy soon get wise to our movements and start to put us under fire. Both sides trade losses.

Despite the efforts of the enemy, the battalion get most of their armor through the mine belt and have them set up just behind the ridge that the enemy were using to fire upon us.

While the battalion set up their armor in preparation of a new attack, the recon discover a new problem, a nightmare.

Two companies of the battalion move to over run a platoon of Merkavas

While another company moves to occupy the attentions of another two platoons of Merkavas.

While what remains of the other two companies move to flank them.

The battalion is able to break through the enemy defensive belt, but at great losses.


Great AAR @TankHunter Good to see you mate hope all is well. Keep em coming!

Excellent AAR! Everything I see and hear about this sim tells me I need this.

Me, Moving onto Vac’s Left.
Seconds before…

Ooooooooooooo Dear…

That’s me, laying smoke.


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Vac dies in spectacular style

Breaching TH’s unit ahead