Scale Flight Simming. Now in VR!

Merry X-mas!
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I must have been very nice this year… :wink:


Wait, do I understand that correctly? That’s a RC plane sim, now in VR?
That’s pretty cool. I have seen older (non VR) versions of those.
Is there a RC controller included or can you somehow attach your own one?

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Well, if it helps preventing tragedies like these…



I have been using earlier versions of RealFlight RC flightsims. They just released version 8 with VR support. Keeping track of Your RC plane is one of the bigger challenges when flying real RC. The way RC sims have solved this in the past has been by a sort of padlock system, with or without zoom, always keeping part of the ground in view. RealFlight adopted TrackIR in the last version, but I found it disorienting.
Will be interesting to see how it works in VR.
Installing now…

It comes in two versions, one with a Controller, and one without.


FPV flying is the greatest thing there is and has fascinated me ever since I started RC flying a decade ago, I really should get a helicopter with that… Perhaps build an RC Ka-50?!


Well… I tried it.
First of all, VR makes the experience better. Everything is in a more natural scale.
But, it’s still the same old RC sim. Dated graphics and short-loop frequency ramping sound. Underwhelming when comparing to any modern flightsim.
But, it’s a good finger trainer, and that’s what I’ll use it for, in the winter.

VR In cockpit FPV flying quickly became nauseating. Much due to the nature of RC planes, with low mass and little or no control damping. Movement around the axes is almost instantaneous, and my equilibrium isn’t up to that. :wink: