Scale Modellers, lets talk :)

actualy, few weeks ago I bought me exactly this airbrush, without the compressor.
didnt have much time to play with it yet. but it seems to work ok for beginner (again).

I have big and noisy compressor. but it can also inflate the tyres so there is that :slight_smile:


I’m using one of these with my Iwata Neo. Not particularly loud but it does vibrate the floor a bit so I have it elevated on a padded shelf.

Mini-compressor (Amazon JP)

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Finished up the P-51B. Wrong cockpit color and a couple other minor goofs but I’m otherwise pleased.



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Looks great, photos came out really well too

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Colors varied greatly. A little artistic license is allowed.
Here’s a great article on the subject.

I took the liberty of grayscaling a pic to see how it looks.

Yeah! Looks great!

You should be.
Good job! :sunglasses:


Interesting! I knew the interior of gear bays and such varied but didn’t know the cockpit color varied as well.


Beautiful work man!

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Colors in general varied quite a bit back then.
Multiple production facilities and multiple manufacturers mass producing at a fast pace for the war effort… Add to that the scale effect of miniature models, weathering, lighting conditions and mostly using old photographs as reference and you quickly realize that there is no definitive answer to how the colors actually looked. Even on preserved aircraft the colors will have aged and won’t look exactly as they did 80 years ago.
Still there are model builders who insist on using the exact color.
If it looks good, it’s good enough, I always say.


great looking Pony, would like to build one of the racer Bs

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That looks great @Clutch. You have to be pleased with that.

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Awesome sauce. Motivation for me to get better.

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Wow… just wow.


Fantastic build @Clutch, always love early Mustangs.

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I’m not totally done with this one, I’ll be crafting a small fishing rod for the bed. But, I’m actually VERY happy with it.

Since it’s an AMT kit, you need to sometimes muscle those parts together. But, weathering the bed and underneathe turned out good. One more out of my stash.


made some progress

not happy with the revell decals on this Fokker

this Zlin turned out better, but I ordered custom printed decals for this one

about time for the next one :slight_smile: