Scalpers Worldwide Probably Praising Windows 11

Ok, my (fairly) recently built supercomputer apparently can’t run windows 11, the first time ever I have not been eligable for the beta of a new MS operating system.

Whuts’ the problem? Well you see, my computer has no built-in Trusted Computing Module, a thingy that MS in all its wisdom seems intent on forcing upon all potential users of its new OS.

Oh! But wait! My motherboard has a header for me to plug one right in, and it seems that they are fairly chea…


Well. The scalpers have arrived, retailers everywhere are abruptly out of stock, and now these previously $25 (maximum) cards are going for $100 or more on Ebay.

Of course.

Thanks Microsoft. :money_mouth_face:

Let the circus begin!


You can likely make use of software TPM in the UEFI(Bios) settings, that apparently should qualify.

My TPM bios simply says “No device found”.

It’s a processor feature so aside from the physical TPMs:

Not to mention that that requirement is soooooooooooooooooo important that many already installed win11 without it using a change of a file in win11 installer by a file from win10 that bypass the check of it and allow install it. Exist many tutorials in yt about it.
In my opinion that requirement is a big bs of arrogancy and pre planned obsolescence… The core of win11 not require nothing more than what can run win10

Look for something from Intel called PTT in your UEFI BIOS. I had it on mine and turned it on, apparently that’s good enough.
Of course MS pulled the check tool due to this, so you might as well just wait for now.

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More info:

Part of the CPU limits is to reduce the pool to make bug testing easier more or less, and expansions to support may come later. Since it’s a preview, makes sense to not have to much variety in hardware.

7th Gen Intel and AMD Zen 1 are on the test list, which may expand later on.

HP is saying my Omen 30L should be compatible out of the box.

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After a pretty laborious “Google day”, it seems My computer not only has a header for installation of a TPM module, but also has TPM built in, if you know which mysterious bios settings to change.

This led me into the marvelous world of PTT, Attestation, UEFI, Trusted Computing Settings and GPT, which had me pretty much emulating a dog furiously chasing its tail as I slowly figured out how it was all supposed to go together, notwithstanding windows being unimpressed and repeatedly coming up with new reasons I did not qualify.

So now I’m on windows 11, and I know that there is no way on earth any of my family members, or the average user who barely knows where the power button is, is gonna survive jumping through all these various hoops.

Good day for Geek squad, I guess…

I think MS is gonna hafta’ to do some serious rethinking, or uptake of this new OS, except by people purchasing new computers, might not turn out quite how they hope.