Scam? King Air 350i eXtreme MSFS Review - Watch Before Buying

Seems very very fishy:

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That was a very interesting video.

TL;dr summary?

Dev copies default MS provided King Air, adds new liveries and missions and sells as a complete aircraft. It even installs a copy of the default plane model in the community/add-on folder, but not via direct copy of the stuff already on your drive. So distributing the copyrighted materials via it’s own installer.

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Hmmm. Not sure why he didn’t just do the add-ons and leave the model?

Seems like a dumb move to me.

Because he can present it as a “full add on plane” this way, and charge more for it.

IMHO the reviewer was a bit naive or acted like it was. Perfect Flight 2000 is not a aircraft developer, 99,9999999999999999999% of their products are only missions and skins to match on the use of that missions, and they only do that for dozens of years.
In the shop description, specially on the includes, it not says the aircraft, only liveries ad missions, so, it was a naive assumption that from PF2K he will receive a aircraft in that quality for that price :smiley:
Sad that he not said that from the screenshots he also even thought that that addon also includes that clouds and scenery…. :smiley:
About copying default things, whatever you do to a msfs in some degree you are always copying things from default contents, like structure, some core files etc. Like in fsx were almost all .air files are default ones hammered/customized for your needs.
I’m not defending pf2k, but I think that this review shows a some kind of naive kiddish indignation. But I know, he is a youtuber and youtubers loves scandals and clickbaits.
No, not all companies that do fs contents are pmdg, and even pmdg can throw some not so perfect addons, like the b1900.

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