Scanned table in jpg to Excel - what would you recommend?

To considerably speed up work on my new MSFS scenery project

I would like to convert scanned tables in jpg format to Excel so that I can process the tabular data.

This is a sample I am using as a guinea pig:

I tested a number of solutions but none of them worked quite well :roll_eyes:

Only comes close but is erratic and a lot of manual cleaning is needed.

What I am looking for is:

  • good OCR
  • able to convert tables and keep tabular formatting
  • free
  • possibly online

Do you have some first hand experience? Could you please recommend me something (even if the two last conditions are not met)?

Thank you!

Edit: I mean the scan quality seems to be good and the table outline looks also clear (to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) so I hope in the current AI age there must be some solution that converts that table to xlsx reliably…

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I just marked the text in the picture on my ipad and pasted it into Numbers (Mac equivalent to Excel)

There are some small errors like O to 0 and i instead of l, that I can see.

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Damn. I am on Win and Android. The only apples at my home are those I make an apple pie from for my kids :laughing:

Thanks for testing.

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O365 / Excel,
New Sheet, Data Import from Image.

For Best results scan charts flat, images can warp the text and cause reading issues…

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Yep, this might work well.

@Troll gave me a hint to test O365 on my Samsung and, while not as good as his example, it is actually usable. Pitty it does not recognize properly a degree (°) and converts it consistently as 0.

Then I come back here and see your post suggesting just that.

Thank you both :+1:

I will test desktop Excel once back home.

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you can apply filters and cell formatting after, so if it’s adding 0 to every apply a value/10 and then tell the cell formatting to display as degrees value and it will auto add °


Smart solution

The One Where Estelle Dies Episode 15 GIF by Friends

My District Mgr laughs at me because I literally store EVERYTHING in excel sheets.
it’s sortable, filterable, editable, and I can easily build charts/graphs and even map regions to a fill map.

Brilliant. Well played my man, even if @SkateZilla 's was probably the best option.

With Copilot / Excel integration, we’ve probably got AI that can do that task for us via voice command :rofl:

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