Schneider Trophy Air Racing

is anyone up for some air racing? :slight_smile: :checkered_flag:

initially I thought this will be short and easy contribution. after two days of composing of this post I realized I did something wrong :grin:

so lets cut it short.

origonally I wanted just to continue where I left of in the Bendix Trophy and that would be just fine. but thats an transcontinental, point-to-point race, understand as loooong race from A to B.

sure I can fly it in stages, but then its hard to track the times. sure I can fly it in stages without tracking the time but then it wont be race at all.

so how about some closed course air racing?

Schneider Trophy
The Coupe d’Aviation Maritime Jacques Schneider, also known as the Schneider Trophy, Schneider Prize or (incorrectly) the Schneider Cup is a trophy that was awarded first annually, and later biennially, to the winner of a race for seaplanes and flying boats. In 1931 Britain met the conditions to retain the Trophy permanently; it is held at the Science Museum at South Kensington, London.
OIP (1)

1981 revival
In 1981 the race was revived, no longer for seaplanes and under different rules, by the Royal Aero Club of Great Britain to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Britain’s ultimate retention of the Schneider Trophy. The original trophy remained in the Science Museum, a full-size replica was cast, and the race opened on a handicapped basis to any propeller–driven landplane capable of maintaining 100 miles per hour (160 km/h; 87 kn) in straight and level flight, and weighing up to 12,500 lb (5,700 kg). Pilots had to have a minimum of 100 hours as pilot-in-command, and a valid air racing licence.

inspired by the above I decided to try it. I have chosen DCS NTTR for the stage. detailed aircrafts, simple scenery and sim with perfect performance. plus for my first attempt I decided for piston class as there is nice Instant Mission already for DCS Pony - NEVADA Cold Start.

but if you want to try it, any sim and any bird is welcomed. but most fun is definitely in the most detailed birds with damage modeling :slight_smile:

this is my plotted closed course for pistons : HarryReidInt - Desert Rock - Perkins - HarryReidInt
it can be extended easily for early jet class : HarryReidInt - Beatty - Mesquite - HarryReidInt
or unlimited jet class : HarryReidInt - Tonopah - Lincoln - HarryReidInt
or similar

spawned Cold 'n Dark at the “C” Gate, time 14:20 local, 20°C, wind 12kt from 275, 15kt from 290 at 8k ft alt, clear skies

taxied to runway 26R, of course no grass taxi, only paved taxiways, and off I went

here already at first waypoint. westmost edge of Desert Rock settlement (as there is no Desert Rock runway in DCS). passed from outside. no GPS oc!

second waypoint. Perkins runway threshold 130. passed from outside

almost there

and back at HarryReidInt, full stop landing
(IAS 12kt is the headwind at the airport, bird is standing still)

I wasnt really precise in this attempt, but lets see.

from spawn : 14:20:00
to full stop : 14:56:34
distance : 175.5 NM (according to skyvector)
AVG SPEED : 287.97 KTS / 331.39 MPH / 533.32 KPH

wow, thought it would be much better speed. oc the cold start and full stop landing are taxing. but its more fun this way I would say :slight_smile:


I happen to like that PaintScheme but Voodoo looks nothing like that skin now. She was painted all white when Stevo attempted to beat the fastest piston engine speed record.

World’s Fastest Piston-Power Airplane



I’m down to race, but I don’t have the Nellis scenery pack. I’d do it in MSFS or XP12 though. Do you just want us to post up our times or were you thinking multiplayer?

I may as well give it a try.

Though I do not comply with the criterion of holding a valid racing licence. Is that a problem? :rofl:

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thx for the article @wheelsup_cavu will read it with passion :slight_smile: and then after our first attempts to warm up we can try to strive for some more realistic setting.

definitely feel free to post pics and times @Stormy801 . this can be ‘fly when it fits you’ event.

pls note that once you spawn in MSFS or XP you have to tweak your position a little as by default your aircraft, after spawning, will face the terminal (not so in P51 DCS NEVADA Cold Start mis).
so its better to spawn before your ‘start up time’ or do the position tweaking and then save and load your custom flight.
if anyone will need help how to set the initial position in MSFS or XP pls let me know.

not a big deal @apollon01 , mine is also expired already :wink: :rofl: though it was only FAI sporting licence.


I think I have just the (X-)Plane (11) to have a go. But…

It does have props, but does it have to be a ‘piston’ engine?
As in IRL it can’t taxi, so can I start lined up on the runway?
I am yet to successfully land this aircraft without the result being a fireball!

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lets say that only similar aircraft in similar conditions can compete against each other.

then if you want to fly another aircraft just post the conditions for that particular flight and someone else can then compete against you.

e.g. if you want to rival particular best time (like my initial flight), try to replicate that flight.
if you want to challenge someone, create new flight and post the conditions. someone will pick up the thrown glove and rival you.

this way maybe it can work for more participants as we all have different sims with different birds.

edit: regarding weather conditions, the flight can be made in real weather conditions oc. but pay attention to the OAT as it has impact on engine overheating :slight_smile:


Roger that:

I have an idea for a challenge in that case. It may take me a while to get to it though?

I’m currently set-up for low level flying of a different kind:


OK, I had a crack at the challenge! I started by putting together a kneeboard with some calcs based on the P-51 flight manual and the DCS F10 map (and briefing, for the wind). My calculations showed that I’d take 39 minutes to cover the course using max continuous power, which was three minutes behind Nevo’s time even not including engine start and taxi. So I was hoping to make up some time on descent…

Using the same quick start mission as Nevo, I started by defuelling and removing the gun ammo; 46% fuel (123 Gallons) was what I calculated I needed for the flight at max continuous with a 45 minute reserve (no way I needed that reserve!), but I didn’t read my kneeboard properly and selected 49% instead. This took a minute and a half, before I could get the engine started:

I also changed the livery to “Desert Rat”, not that it makes any difference to the times :smile:

After a relatively routine departure (at 14:25), I climbed over the mountain range towards Desert Rock (which I think is marked “Crystal” on the DCS map), and made the turn over Crystal at 14:35, a couple of minutes ahead of schedule:

I messed up my wind corrected dead reckoning calculation (or maybe my flying wasn’t right, but I think I held direction OK on this leg), and ended up well north of Perkins. I had to cheat with the F10 map, and turn southwards to head down the Moapa valley to find Perkins, which I overflew at 14:53 (one minute behind my calculated schedule):

The run back to McCarran was relatively uneventful, but I always forget how slippery the Mustang is, and I had a bit of trouble losing enough speed to land. McCarran’s Runway nice and long so we didn’t have any problems. Stopped after clearing the runway at 15:03:37 (and avoided a prop strike from too-heavy application of brakes :woozy_face:)

So my results:
from spawn: 14:20:00
to full stop: 15:03:37
distance (from Nevo’s post): 175.5 NM
AVG SPEED: 241.42 kts | 277.9 mph | 447.1 km/h

So the takeaway? Don’t bother with the refuel/rearm, and make sure you are on course so you’re not having to crosstrack to find a waypoint :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s the VoD of the flight, if anyone doubts my not winning (:smile:):


nice one! :smile:

you did great, it means you have space for improvement, and thats the beauty with racing :checkered_flag:

surly I too didnt bother with the rearm refuel, took the mission setup as it was. plus I took the stop time at the runway, didnt vacate.

will go through your vid in detail later, but regarding the first waypoint. sorry for the confusion, but it supposed to be Desert Rock settlement. right next to the runway there, which is not in DCS unfortunately. and just south of Mercury.

here some pics for closer reference. should have done this right away:

I have picked this point as there is the MCY NDB antenna in DCS. unfortunately no NDB antenna in XP for example. thats why the settlement.

hope you had fun anyway @Torc :slight_smile:

I am taming this beast in XP right now

I killed the engine at least three times already (its irony to have The Longest Flight marked on the fuselage) :slight_smile:

on the fourth try I was almost reaching Perkins runway when I ran out of fuel :smile:

plus just a small rant, I am getting 30FPS over Las Vegas in XP11, and 90FPS in DCS. there is that.


Ah, that’s my mistake! On the bright side… I can have another go :joy:

Actually one question from a novice racer: I chose 8000’ as my altitude because it just about cleared the terrain and I get a better true airspeed than on the deck (according to the flight manual anyway), do you fly the course at low level? Your screenshots are from low level…

feel free to go 8k. I intentionally made the course going over the Sheep Peak in the ridge East of Indian Springs. whether you will climb right away after take off or later on the second leg is fully up to you.

I really didnt consult the manual for the best performance. looking forward to your second attempt, maybe it will be rtfm for me then :slight_smile:

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I was thinking more along the lines of Reno, but a longer course (i.e. you enter the course ‘at speed’ with a ‘flying finish’) and a maximum altitude. GPS is allowed. Any aircraft as long as it is prop driven. Single or twin engine.

It might be overly simple/easy for most, but what I have in mind can be a bit of a handful and as I said earlier… I have to work on my landings :thinking:

NB. This isn’t me but I wish I could land it like this… kinda makes the DCS Mig-21 easy by comparison.


my idea with the cold start, taxi, take off and landing was to add more of the variation into it. so there is more room for mistakes oc :slight_smile:

but feel free to set the stage as you wish :checkered_flag:

btw I wish VSL develop one day also the original piston version of Rutan’s Pond Racer