Schurem's pet pit project, or how to build a pit with the barest minimum of effort and money

Allright, so my daughter is about to turn three and will no longer be needing the baby room. The room is too small to be a true kids’ bedroom so she’s moving in with her brother. That opens up the former baby room.

Took the cot in, and in a bit of a compromise put in an elevated bed for guests. So it’s technically the guest room? Anyway. Below that bed is where I can put my stuff. And be out of the living room when flying!

This is what I started out with this morning:

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This is the “desk” that will handle the non-flying stuff. I hacked it together from bits of board I had in storage. It pays to not throw away bits of panel and wood.

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And this is my fat self having put all the stuff in and ready for a bit of multiplayer flight.

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Not shown in that pic is the chair I’m sitting in. It’s a folding camping chair, and it will have to do until I can lay hands on something better. Later this week, I’ll drive by some car parts shops and see if I can get a nice car seat. The sliding rails, comfort and adjustability should be worth the expense and effort.


Nice MacGyvering!
I would recommend looking for a car junkyard nearby, you can probably get a worn car seat on the cheap there!

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So…um…will guests mind that you are simming underneath them while they are sleeping? :wink:

EDIT: It right be a bit of a rude awakening for them if you have to eject!! :open_mouth:

On a more serious note, I’ll be interested in seeing how you do the seat rails. I’ve got an old airliner pilot’s seat and it has the fittings to go onto rails…just no rails…I was thinking about having @Troll over to take a look and design something…but evidently his airline doesn’t fly to KPHF so…as I said, I’ll be interested in seeing how you might tackle that part.


My plan is to get the car seat including the rails from the junkyard. Just bolt it onto a wooden frame that extends forward. Guests to the house would mean no night simming. Small sacrifice for the peace and quiet having a seperate room grants.

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Yeah, that’s probably best…they might start to snore and you would have to be like all “Hey, can you keep quiet. I’m trying to shoot a VOR approach into KTEX with a wicked crosswind for gosh sakes!” :wink:


60000 yen room and sim = approx. 726 cnd :dizzy_face:
Might have to skip burger and beer. :thinking:


Paid a visit to a local junkyard today and paid fifty eurobucks for the passenger seat out of some mercedes family car.

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It’s very comfortable and has those sliding rails I wanted. In the spirit of this thread, I decided to forego building a frame to mount it on, and just cut a small bit of flooring vinyl to size. It’s heavy enough to not slide around.

The only downside is that it’s heavy and will tip back when slid all the way back. Another drawback is that it’s hard to align it, the stick and rudder perfectly.

After getting the seat, I found my ghetto stick mount (remember, the sewer pipe) was far too tall. So I spent all of one euro for a replacement cap, sawed it off and glued on a new cap. Presto, perfect VR pit.

It’s so comfortable! The back all the way down, it’s a viper, all the way up it’s a YaK-1B :smiley:

I may in due time build framing to mount it all tightly and aligned. I also need to build/find a slightly lower mounting for the throttle.


I was getting sick of desk chairs and thinking that my car’s driver’s seat is comfortable enough for hours at a time. Perhaps I shall consider upcycling one from an auto recycler as you have.


That’s so cool


I’d be interested to know what kind of voodoo/hypnosis you did on your wife to convince her that the room is too small for a child so she should get wedged into her brother’s room. That’s some superior Jedi mind control there…


…or…fit your flight sim PC into your car!!! :grin:

“This isn’t the baby’s room you are looking for…” :open_mouth:


The swivel function would be great at the drive-thru, but may lead to accidents via failure to reach the brake pedal under cornering.

Passengers may also not like the driver swiveling 180° on the highway to join the conversation. :sweat_smile:


Years of preparation. I started floating the idea of reclaiming the room the minute we started discussing how to change the manhole into a baby room.

Checking six is noticeably harder in the car seat than in the swiveling office chair, as was to be expected. It is the most comfortable chair in my house tho.


I think for another 25 Yen, housekeeping will send up a hamper for your baby to sleep in…