Scratch built IL-2 airfield

Not as functional as the one beach is building for X-Plane but I had to show my attempt at building an airfield with the stock HSFX objects.

The real thing:
Metz-Frescaty Air Base

My IL-2 attempt of the same airfield:



Sweet…! At first I thought it was gonna be like the Nazca lines giving a middle finger to the bomber.

In that satellite image you linked…it doesn’t look like much is there now (aircraft) - are they all in the hangars? And is it all general aviation or is there still military stuff there?

Well…from Wiki:

Metz-Frescaty Air Base (French: Base aérienne 128 Metz-Frescaty) (IATA: MZM, ICAO: LFSF) is a front-line French Air Force French: Armée de l’Air (ALA) base. The base is located approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) south-southwest of Metz (Département de la Moselle,Lorraine) ; about 174 miles (280 km) east of Paris. A military restructuring plan announced in July 2008 was to close BA 128 in 2011. The plans are to close the base and place it in reserve status (Base Interarmes).

Looks like these guys took a crack at it for X-Plane too:

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