Script on Amazon killing me

So I can’t figure this out - even Google-foo is leaving me without a solution. I’m running Firefox 44.0.2, which is up to date, and within the past month or so, whenever I visit Amazon (which is depressingly frequent) - I’m getting a script error that locks up my browser for a good 15 to 20 seconds while Amazon is trying to load product images or something. It is ONLY on Amazon that it does it…but I’m not sure how to stop it because I do sort of still need the product images to load and it seems related to that:

I’m stumped…has anyone encountered this one before? It happens every time I open Amazon…


Probably a firefox add-on issue? Try with uBlock Origin on or something…

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Using your link - I found a discussion that allowed me to change some directory names (basically renaming the Mozilla ones), doing a clean install of Firefox, and that seems to have squared me away. I think I have four add-ons installed…but they appear to install by default:

But I seem to be out of the woods. My credit card is once again free to fly… LOL…


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Scripts at SimHQ are always crashing. And my Firefox is up to date as well. Some other sites too.

Here in fact, one laptop can store my info and I can connect, while on my other, I cant even connect despite putting in my correct info.

I’m always curious on figuring stuff out if you can’t access here on that laptop. If you do a ‘Tools / Developer Tools’ and send me (direct msg is probably best) a screenshot or copy/paste of the ‘Console’ where it fails to sign in then we could see what’s up. Ctrl + Shift + K on Firefox, Ctrl + Shift + J on Chrome brings up the console where web errors are shown.

We do use some stuff like that protects us from DDOS attack things (I know, who would attack poor ol Mudspike, but apparently people did have the free time + bots) so we could check that too - it does block old browsers I believe.