Sea of Thieves?

Anybody playing it? If so, how do you like it?

I love pirate games. I have all the Akella games in one form or another, even the ones that are still broken after being modded within an inch of their engines. However, I’ve given Naval Action a spin, albeit over a year ago, but was rather meh about that one.

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Naval Action had so much potential, and then…as you say, meh. I hated the sped up ships on the navigation “map”. The battle instances were well done though.

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Albeit sometimes exaggerated I still and always recommend the WorthaBuy review. It’s surprisingly accurate for this title. It even comes in two parts…

Agree with @PaulRix. Naval action started so well. Its a classic instance of devs changing tac thinking they can appease all the casual gamers and the hardcore fans, instead of focusing on what they wanted to do. It was sad watching the game move in one direction then turn in another.

Though i didn’t mind the sped up nav phase. It seemed the only way to deal with the huge map. It was the insta teleportation that killed the immersion for me. Totally killed the meta game and the reasoning for conquering.

Though agreed, the battle instances were very good fun and tactical

Will have to look into sea of thieves

I have never seen XBox promote something as much as they have been promoting Sea of Theives, Major Nelson particularly. It sounds interesting as a multiplayer session with friends. But I have few xbox friends so probably not my thing. I bought the other fighting sails game on Steam for $50 and played it once. I think age has turned me into a one trick pony!

I haven’t read good things about Sea of Thieves on any platform. Generally shallow (lol) is the take on it, from what I recall.