Seeking a little guidance re. TrackIR

I have installed TIR for the first time in three years and I’m a bit rusty. I downloaded a great profile for DCS but I’d like to adapt it a little and would welcome some advice. I think I must be sitting much further away from my large monitor than the profile’s author so the scaling feels fast and twitchy to me. Can anyone suggest the correct values to adjust that would accomplish the following:

  • Make the virtual head movement slower and less hectic

  • Incorporate a bit of a dead zone in the center for the same reason as above, I’m looking for greater stability

Thank you!

This is what I have been using - the curve in the middle keeps things more precise, while the outer edge means that I can look over my shoulder in DCS without my eyes leaving my screen.

I used to play seated a couple feet away from a 50" TV but now am using a 27" monitor at my desk and I haven’t changed my profile.


In the end I ended up setting my own curve - just turning my head around and adjusting for both sides and vertical, then trying out in-game and if something wasn’t right, readjusting.

Everyone’s physique and sitting position etc. is a bit different so preset profiles only get you so far.

It didn’t take me long, all done in one evening a couple of years ago and have barely adjusted the curves since. I’ve got one profile for DCS and another for X-Plane, the two act slightly differently somehow.


Both advices are really good.
Make some practice with the curves and try to modify only one axis at a time.

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sound advice!
What is also worthwhile to try: no deadzone, similar to VR headtracking. Most people setup a deadzone in their TIR profile by default but I can’t live with my focus snapping all over the place. If you like I can upload my profile so you can see what I mean.

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