Selecting Cruise Altitude

This is more in a cruise setting or orbiting over the AO. So speed changes at times and sometimes maneuvering is required to a limited degree. In some cases I want to reduce speed, to say get more time with TGP camera within view limits, so AoA plays a role in determining what is too slow. As I recall it is about 7 degrees on the HUD before you start slowing down at MIL with a payload and get into a stall. It’s very rough, but does the job.

As for climb, I rarely reference it. However below 5 to a max of about 3 you can attain better speeds. With the updated climbs I have been doing, that’s not really a factor of concern anymore.

@Sine_Nomine - So my NATOPs is the -000 main document, which has no engine data. Your link proved helpful to know that it’s the -200 document that has it and I found a copy for the legacy Hornet.

@smokinhole - a large portion of the climb charts are filled with mach .80 - .85. You’ve guessed well!