Selling my HOTAS

If anyone is interested, my X-56 HOTAS is on offer. I’ve had it since just before New Year, so it’s still in pretty much as new condition.
I have to wear cotton gloves when I use it, as I’m allergic to the kind of plastic it is made from (that stuff that has a rubbery feel to it). Then I can get myself a VPC Mongoose :slight_smile:
Just send a pm if you’re interested. I’m in the UK.

Thanks for the interest, this is no longer available.


OK - this is available again. Just for info - it cost a lot of money (£220) and is only 7 months old, complete with original packaging and spare spring set.

Looking for £150 - if anyone wants any photo’s, video or other info LMK

For those that are maybe wondering about the price - I think it’s very fair. I’ve been keeping my eye on an X55 on ebay and it just went for £150 in auction.

It’s older than mine and is, of course, the previous version, as mine is the X56.