Setting up the X-55

Hi Everyone,
Well, my TM Warthog joystick has been declared not repairable and returned to me by the company. So, I just purchased used, the X-55 HOTAS. I thought I would give it a go. I downloaded (but not yet installed) the latest drivers and the HUD software.
With regards to DCS I never used the TARGET software. I just plugged the joystick and throttle in and did everything I needed within DCS with good success. My question is this: Can I do the same with the X-55 or must I run the software? (I know to install the drivers). Anyone with X-55 experience with some ideas, give me some advice when you can.
Many thanks

you can pretty much plug and play it. You can assign all the axis and all the buttons ingame.

The only thing you’ll be left out of, other than making macro’s and stuff like that, is that mode switch. That’s something I found really useful in the software. With the modes you can change the behaviour of what any of your other things do. par example in mode 1 I could make those 3 steel switches in front of the throttle work things like flaps, the gear and the speedbrake. In mode 2 I could have them work the autopilot modes, something that par example the Su planes have many of, and in mode 3 I could have them manipulate the radar ( PRF, RWS/TWS, Wide/narrow).

Since those 3 switches are the ones most easily found blindly. I liked that I could use them during take-off and landing, during navigation and during combat for different roles. Even then, you can still set up all of the rest straight in DCS.

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Thank you sir. I hope to install them next week. I also downloaded the manual and I am hoping that everything I need to get that mode switch thingy working. I am still a very slow learner on the software side of things. Again, thanks for the quick reply.
In closing, I think this forum is one of the best out there. Everyone has always answered with courtesy and respect.
Kerfuffle (look it up)

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I wrote a short guide here, hopefully that will help too:

Saitek X-55 Rhino HOTAS Quick Look & Set-up | Mudspike

If the Mode Switch is recognized in the DCS Options → Controls then it could be used a Modifier.

@WreckingCrew while that is an idea and it actually works ( DCS recognizes it as a joystick key press ). You’d still have to program the modifier to it. And every time you wanted to use a key thats not bound with that modifier you’ll have to reset the mode key to something you didn’t bind anything to. Unless you double-tripple bind every button on that thing to still work with modifiers active.