Setting up Throttle X-56

I have been struggling for over a year with trying to set up my Saitek X-56.
I cant even get started in DCS, when i try a free flight the control is at the left throttle. I instantly lose control and crash. I have watched Youtube videos and have tried to download setups for my X-56. I admit I am not very computer savvy, but I am very interested in learning the game. Need Help


Hi and welcome!

In DCS, when I install any plane I go to Adjust Controls and then select Axis Commands (or something like that) from the drop down menu of that aircraft.

You may need to clear any axis the game has incorrectly assigned.

I then tend to manually set the following axis to the right controllers:

Pitch, roll, yaw, throttle (1 & 2), zoom view.

I also have pedals with brake axis so I set left and right brakes, but if you use the X56 combo, setting the wheel brakes button on the joystick pinky paddle thing works well.

While you’re in the controls menu, I suggest also mapping at least pitch (nose up/down) trim to a joystick hat. That will make flying more pleasant.

Good luck!

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Yes it is common for multiple controllers to get assigned pitch, roll, yaw, and possibly thrust.
You need to make sure you clear the pitch and roll axis for all controllers except the stick. Clear yaw from all but rudders. Clear thrust from all but throttle.

Otherwise you increase throttle and it yaws left or you press the rudder and it pitches down or some other nonsense.


Hi, welcome to Mudspike!

I also fly with the X-56, I’d be happy to provide you my HOTAS mappings for the Tomcat (and any other module I own), if you’d rather just drag and drop as opposed to building your own.

DCS’s mapping isn’t terrible but isn’t super intuitive ether.

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I really appreciate the help. I just can’t seem to get it up and working, and this is my last ditch attempt before I throw in the towel

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To reiterate the steps above:

—Open your Logitech app and make sure that the profile being used (likely the one called “default”) is totally clean with no keys or combos added. Click the little wheel or gear icon to send the profile to the stick.

—Then calibrate.

—In DCS, open the control menu to your desired airplane and clear everything in all three or four columns except keyboard and mouse.

—Most importantly, do the same AGAIN in “Axis”. Clear all columns but mouse. Now start assigning just one axis. Get back to 3D and ensure thar the axis moves the correct control in the correct direction while also checking that nothing else moves. Do this one control at a time for all axes. Then move on to the other controls outside the Axis tab.

It’s not the HOTAS. It’s the massively confusing DCS control assignment system. But if you are truly determined to throw the whole thing into the bin, at least try to sell it. I have a “modern” X-56 (manufactured by Logitech, not Saitek) and find it to be the best stick I have ever owned.


If you still have time, we can maybe get in touch verbally via Discord (or any other voice chat software you use- like Steam).

Don’t give up, DCS is really a great sim!

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If you have time I would really appreciate a verbal walk-through on how to setup my X-56. Thanks

Hey Whiskey_two, I appreciate you responding. Any help you can give me I’m sure would go a long way to me getting started. Let me know when you have some time, maybe would could chat over steam, might make things a little easier.

Anyone that has the time and would like to reach out can text me and set something up. Thanks
Dave 801-433-7698

I’ll try something. :wink:

Do you have whatsapp on your phone?
I’m in Germany and a call over to another nation can get costly.
Where do you live, BTW?

I don’t currently have it but I can download it

I have whatsapp

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I tried to contact you but my Whatsapp doens’t see yours.

Can you give me the International prefix for your phone number?

It should be 1-801-433-7698

My only contribution to this discussion (other than bravo everyone for being so helpful) is that for some applications, the X56 throttle can need more power than your usb ports can give it. I have to run my throttle and stick off separate ports - one in my mobo and a powered powered usb port.

Not sure if that’s occurring, but maybe worth considering.

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YES this! The most important part and I had forgotten it. I run the throttle through a powered USB hub. Fortunately, they are just about the cheapest accessory you can buy for a PC.

@smithcorp great call! I had to use a powered USB hub with my X56 as well, although I’ve since disabled the RGB LED’s and don’t seem to have issues directly plugging to the PC anymore.

@Theozman40 I’ll shoot you a text now, work has been mad and I’ve not had a great deal of free time but I’m happy to help this weekend if you’re able.

Hello, I’m New to DCS, Im really a person who post a lot so bare with me, by the way I absolutely love this game and what the developers have done with it, and I have been playing games since Wing Commander! Im 51yrs old! I owned and programmed in a TRS-80(@11yrs old) !!:joy:

I have had all the same problems as you, and have been strugling as well, almost giving up, now for a month!

Did you figure this out, sorry im new here - not sure if this been answered or resolved, already? I saw this post a couple of days ago and had no responses as i myself had been working to resolve the issue…sometimes feeling absolutely hopeless!! Because your drooling over just flying a plane without crashing, hopingat some point you get to shoot somethingdown!!!

Unfortunately due to all the old info out there, and some or most of it is not working- the information becomes very convoluted at times and overwhelming!

Here are my general specs, including the Logitech Hotas X56(which is black with GRAY WRITING)! Im going to do a walkthrough video of how to fix the issues step by step starting with the pc(things to check ahead of time and set up!), before even getting in to dcs!

My system(its not the best)

Motherboard: Asus ROG Maximus VI Formula

CPU: INTEL I7 4770k @ 3.50ghz

32 GB Corsair Memory

Video: EVGA NVIDIA RTX 2070 8GB mem

Acer Predator Monitor 35" Curved 144ghz, Max at 200ghz. resolution.
4 m.2 NVME Drives
2 SSD drives
Corsair gaming keyboard, Mouse
**Logitech X56 Hotas

Now I have solved this issue I believe, but I’m double checking things I’ve done and completing backups in case!

With that said, I have everything working on the hOtas X56(mini stick included), I’m also going to provide my profiles(both in Logitech software and dcs), with the templates- alot of the ideas in how tonload ir what not to has also been very confusing. Because in the end most have had no success and even implying yet another 3rd party software in some cases to communicate to dcs, how to setup profiles!

My profile is really good start, I have ton of things mapped for th F-18C! If someone wanted to add the, mode switch into it- I dont see why not! Im not quite there yet!

I wanted to let everyone know that was worried about this, i just figured it out today at 8am this morning (California time)!

Thx…looking forward to good times!

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I know that this thread is old, but if anyone needs help, I am available during the weekends Eastern US. Can chat live on the Mudspike discord server.

BTW, @Mongoose21, 51 is young. I walked the earth like a Centurion when I was 51. Put a 6 in front of that before you complain about being an old fart :joy: