SF2 always calls to me....

But TK talked about the update anyway iirc.

Early 2020, and paid update (except those who own complete edited and contributed to the fundraiser).

Seeing that TK would be going up against MAC…

Yes, it is a shame. Really should be like $15 per title with the collection being $50, given that we’re really talking about a game engine now that looks like (and is) something from the mid-2000’s. The screenshots that we’ve been posting are all heavily modded using over 10 years worth of collective community knowledge and hard work. The stock game looks even more dated. So yeah… pricing is… off…


TK… if you can read this… Approach E.D. as a 3rd Party Developer…

You just need Aircraft, and Flight models…


What update are you talking about? There was a movement to get SF2 updated somehow?
If so, the fact I didn’t hear about it is probably indicative that many others didn’t hear about it either.

There was a thread about the update in Septemeber.


There was a Kickstarter to cover development costs, but it didn’t meet its goal. TK alluded to something along the lines of 'I’ll still do it, even if the goal isn’t met, it’ll just take longer" on ThirdWire’s Facebook page, but I’ll reserve judgement on what that means.

Essentially the update was ostensibly just to get the game to run on modern DX12 graphics cards, no other features or changes. Personally, I’d rather see him work on the game’s mechanics than produce new content, but there’s long odds of that. Funny thing is, if he really buckles down on it, he’ll probably beat Eagle Dynamics to the punch and release it for new audiences before Modern Air Combat is finished.

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Yeah. He could probably do well in that arena.


I suspect a lot of my loadouts are pure fantasy…but I do love me some machine gun pods and rockets!


When it comes to a USAF A-1H/J loadout, I don’t think anything is fantasy. I did a ton of research on A-1 loadouts when I did the ones for the SF2V AGXP trying to find “typical” loadouts, and it was tough because they did so many different things…


Yeah, you have to love the 50s, 60s, and 70s…



This image would have been helpful. Don’t remember ever seeing it before

Typically they only carried one gunpod and then a fuel tank on the opposite pylon. But I remember seeing an image somewhere of two gunpods loaded…


Hard to believe the A-10 wasn’t named the Skyraider II instead of the Thunderbolt II.


The Skyraider was still in service when the A-10 was being developed, wasn’t it?

That’s a bit like the F-22 being called the Eagle II instead of Lightning II…too soon.


Yeah…looks like there were a few years of overlap. Looks like the US quit flying the Skyraider in 1973 (according to Wiki) and gave them all to South Vietnam. The A-10 started development in 66-67 I think (again, according to Wiki)…

How did they map all that to their TMWH HOTAS? They must have run out of buttons! :wink:

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We’re still naming planes after WWII planes. I wonder when the first post-WWII rename will happen?

Probably the next generation. Many of us had grandfathers who flew in WWII. It’s a connection we remember. Our children won’t know them (with rare exceptions), so once it’s your great-grandfather the connection is lost. Once it’s the plane THEIR grandparents flew in, Eagles, Hornets, Tomcats, etc, we might see a sequel…providing the originals are retired by then (see B-52).

I have vague memories of a great grandmother who died back when Carter was president. Her husband died after I was born but before I can remember.
My last grandparent died while I was in college, and my first daughter was born 15 years later. She knows her grandparents, but not a single great grandparent.


It was a real man’s full fidelity module (not an “arcade” Flaming Cliffs child’s toy) so I think it had a clickable cockpit…



Kind of wish the Secretary of the Air Force had blurted out: “The Efey McFFace”…

Same sort of thing happened with President Johnson and the SR-71. It was supposed to be the RS-71. The way the nomenclature works is that the first letter, is the primary mission of the aircraft so R = Reconnaissance. Not sure what the S stood for…maybe Strategic or Special? Anyway, supposedly at some meeting or something, Johnson call it the SR-71, so they changed it to SR-71.

The letter S stands for anti-submarine…S-2, S-3, SH-3, SH-60, etc…so by that rational, the SR-71 is the fastest ASW aircraft ever.