Shameless Campaign For Votes, DCS Mission Contest & NAVEX Nevada

But I am out too. Not much fun to fly without controls. Thanks ED!

Although I can’t enjoy the mission yet, I did vote for ya. It looks like a great way for a sim newbie like me to enjoy learning the ropes, I fly full time out of Las Vegas, so I really enjoy the NTTR map.
I am thinking ED is so busy with the Normandy map they aren’t taking the time to fix this.


Well, we did have a good time in the mission last night. Too bad some of you are having the control issues, hope that gets sorted soon.

About 7-8 pilots flew for a couple hours in one instance of the mission. A lot of activity around Nellis and Las Vegas, I took off north to trigger more enemy fighters. Once we took care of all the bad hombres, everybody flew to The Strip and buzzed the tourists. I wanted to get some Thunderbird fly bys downtown, but it was a bit too late to organize it well - next time!

It was fun! Thanks for joining in. Let’s do it again. And Thank You all for your votes!

AAR, NAVEX Nevada 0750 21MAR2017

From a pilot’s log - Day 23 in the F-15C Navigation training at Nellis Airbase…

On patrol -

Shadowing a C-130 out of Nellis -

With TankerWade -

Bogus -

Inverted Bogus propping up his eyelids -

The Viggen -

Action -

To The Strip -



I smell hot dogs!

Wrapping it up -

Popping flares for fun -

Map View


Last couple of days for voting - we are in TGP viewing distance of a prize! A beer for your vote, so if you are on the fence, have a cold one on me and vote NAVEX. We have pizza, too. Pretzels yes.

A VOTE for NAVEX is a vote for Normandie! :sunglasses:

VOTE for the one we have been waiting for! :airplane:

VOTE today, do not delay! :airplane_small:

Login in to DCS and VOTE!

Beee you ti ful screen shots. Flying with you fellows looks like fun. I hope to get to learn how to that one day soon. Best of luck on the voting Mr. Crew.

NAVEX Nevada is in 4th place! Thank you all who voted. Please please if you haven’t voted do it - tomorrow is the last day…

Gaaak! Just 5 hours ago the 3rd place mission had 26 votes, it picked up 12 in the past 5 hours – man, that guy must have a big family! We are up to 22, but still holding strong to 4th place. :slight_smile:

So this is it - last day. Log into DCS and place your vote for NAVEX Nevada. A vote for NAVEX is a VOTE for Mudspike! Yes yes we are desperate.

Too bad. “Zone 51” got third place. :robot:

It isn’t over yet!

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Looks pretty over now, though :grimacing: The earlier 3rd place mission, Zone 51 UFO, blasted off to 1st.

Thanks everybody! If I could make a Community Badge for “Puttin’ Up With Wrecking Crew” I would award it to everyone who visited this thread more than once! :beers:


HI Mr. Crew.
Well, with the help of a great leader over at the 355th vfs I was able to repair (roll back) 2.0. So I went to download Navex Nevada but can’t find it, I will keep looking but in case you stumble on to this reply put out some bread crumbs for me. Thanks

Hi, Kerfuffle,
Look at the first post, in the footer for my site link, and you can get the latest version. Enjoy!

Thanks. I blew right by it. Installed successfully. Leaving tomorrow for a four day flight so I wont have a chance to fly Navex until Saturday. Looking forward to it.