Ship Simulator: Maritime Search and Rescue

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A recent addition to the long list of ship simulation titles is Ship Simulator: Maritime Search and Rescue, a simulator that puts you at the helm of a few German Maritime Search and Rescue vessels. Released in mid-2014 (remember, we here at Mudspike aren’t firsterer, we are betterer), Ship Simulator: Maritime Search and Rescue sat…


Well, it looks nice. Plus always the chance that that North Korean sub will pop up to be rescued?

My favorite bit was this money-quote:

…because your time is worth something. SS:MSAR is probably near the bottom end of the spectrum for this threshold.

They’ll probably want to use that on the box, so I pre-prepared.



LOL…nice box alteration. You know…we’re gonna have to charge for such endorsements…

PEGI-7 huh? That’s about right…

It’s nice to see more and more simulations out there, but it’s always disappointing to see what seems to be wanton disregard for what draws sim fans to the simulations in the first place. I can forgive the non-clickable controls - that’s a perk I’ve grown accustomed to, but I acknowledge it’s not a hard requirement to earn that coveted “simulation” label - but the blank displays in the cockpit are just death. Why even have that view? sigh

The lack of control tuning is a poor gaming architecture choice in general. I’m sure it saves money on development and testing, but simulation inputs are necessarily complex and every simmer has their own control preferences - ignoring that annoys a lot of people.

Thanks for the insight, Beach!

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This is what trying to maneuver a ship in high winds should be like…


They need to add this scenario…

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