Shipping from an EU country (Germany) to the United States...?

Running into a frustrating hurdle in trying to order a product from Germany for delivery to the United States and was wondering if this is common. I’m trying to purchase two handlebar mounted packs for our bicycles - the wife and I are planning a six day bicycle ride from Pittsburgh to DC on the Gap trail and C&O canal trails. We’ve got some awesome gravel bikes for the purpose, and I’ve outfitted them with some nice racks, fenders, and panniers. To keep some items handy, I’d like to mount some handlebar bags and I found some I really like by a company in Germany.

Unfortunately, they do not ship to the United States due to trademark reasons (perhaps a name trademark issue?). In looking at freight forwarders, I’m seeing quotes for a 2kg package (the bags weigh about 760 grams apparently, and I need two of them) with an approximate dimension of two bags in a single box of maybe 60cm x 60cm x 40cm for $400! Does that sound right? I’d obviously find another solution, but was puzzled at such high shipping estimates. I suppose it’s the relatively high volume box rather than the weight?

Sounds like utter bovine excrement to me. I once helped an old lady send 150kilos of books to middle America from .nl and that cost about 300 iirc.

Is that shipped by air?
I had some speakers shipped from the US once, and seem to recall that air freight was prohibitively expensive, but sending it by ship the price was much more reasonable. Of course it did take almost two months to arrive…

It seems to be a recent trend, whether actual or profit taking. My observation is that shipping form China is only about a third of the EU cost. Small sample survey admittedly.

I did just find a site that appears to be able to forward it at those dimensions and weights via DHL 5-day for around 60€…

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With DHL there’s likely added duty when you receive.

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The handlebar cases…they look to be designed to carry a VR headset…:open_mouth: :wink:

We often ran not a similar, albeit “reversed” issue with US companies not shipping to APOs or FPOs. We found a company where you set up and account, giver their address as the destination, and then they ship it to the APO for a small fee. Perhaps there is something similar in Germany? @Aginor? Any thoughts?

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Huh. Haven’t heard of something like that yet.

But then… right now we do have a mini trade war thing going on with the USA and basically everyone else, so yeah, might become harder.
I mostly know it the other way round, with US products for some reason or the other not meeting EU requirements and thus not being sold to here.

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Hmmm…I once saw something about a guy wanting to buy a German bicycle and it being cheaper for him to fly over, buy the bike in the shop and then fly back with the bike as party of his luggage… @BeachAV8R, care for a trip across the pond? :grin:

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A couple of years ago I bought a one pound Pitts nosebowl from Aviat in WY. The part was $200. Shipping was $200. UPS ground. Such is life when dims creep beyond a couple of feet.