Shoot'em Up (A-10A) - Nub's Cockpit

Hello Great Pilots ! …

Me (Esonub) and luka take the a-10a for a spin in a quick mission i built, although luka wants to get back to the f-15 all the time.

Mission data:

Russian Forces advancing to the border, our mission is to destroy the tanks and short range AAA defenses.
Second goal is to destroy a Supply convoy that is heading to another platoon that is ready to pass the boarder.

Enjoy this A-10A gameplay video !

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@esonub - Ha…you were freaking me out by continuing inbound after launching those Mavericks at around 6 minutes in to the video. I was thinking…break…break…! Me…I would have missed with the Mav and eaten a missile…lol… Nice…


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lol … when i looked at Luka’s plane i saw him feeling the AA XD lol

but ya i was close to eat some of that aswell lol