Side Panel Off

I CAN’T BELIEVE how much cooler my PC runs with the side panel off …

I started running it like this when I got my 4080 because I didn’t want to put stress on that stupid 4080 power connector but it runs so cool now! Before that I was easily hitting Tj. Max (90c) on my CPU on every session. I’m looking at my Tj. Max. now and it’s 74c. :slight_smile: I VSync my vid card to 60Hz/60fps and I rarely see the video card cooling fans turn on LOL! :smiley: So sweet.


Should probably look at your fan configs, everything i have read says you get better cooling with the panel on.

Our oldest had a pre built PC that ran hot with an AMD chip, so he ran with the side off, We upgraded it for a birthday and I replaced the fans and ever since then we put the side back on and had no issues.

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I’m just putting the news out there. Your milage may vary but I’ve been building and operating PC’s for more than 35 years. Fan configs? How about not even needing a fan LOL! This thing is cool as a cucumber! :slight_smile:


What are you running and what CPU? I can’t hit TJ-max even with Prime95 Smallest FFT mode, which is designed to generate as much CPU heat as possible - with a 9900K pulling 220W. Although I am using an H150i Pro, the beefy air coolers should be fine under game loads.