Sidewinder Low Level, JEDI Transition

Continuing the discussion from The Jedi Transition:

Using the R-2508 Complex Users Handbook linked in the foxtrot alpha article, I was able to recreate the Sidewinder Low Level route, with JEDI transition in NTTR.

Unfortunately, during the mission editing, my mouse scroll wheel went NONOP*, and I couldn’t find the keyboard command to zoom in/out of the Mission Editor, so I wasn’t able to place all the waypoints as precisely as I would have liked, but they were the general vicinity. sigh

The route is in the south-east corner of the NTTR map, so lots of low/medium detail areas, but I thought I’d give it a run, see what it looks like.

I found @Fridge on TS3 and was able to twist @AeroMechanical’s arm into joining us, so we had a three-ship flight down Sidewinder Low Level.

First, we had to make the run in @near_blind’s favorite low-level aircraft: the Su-27 Flanker.

Although I found the scenery pretty, there is no denying that the ridges we flew dangerously close to still had those clunky straight-edges typical of large/medium mesh terrain.

How low can you go?

Unfortunately, we flew the route a little faster than we probably should have and the Flanker’s tanks gave out on us before we exited the run. We all made ditch landings in the desert.

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” – Russian forward-deployment doctrine.

*Anybody have any recommendations on a good gaming mouse?


For our next trick flight, we took up the F-15C Eagle, of course. A much more sensible plane to take down low, really really fast.

Pic of me with two chicks in tow.

I ended up getting distracted trying to take screenshots and ended up a statistic (CFIT = CFIT +1) with @Fridge eating some southern California desert not too much later.

Overall, the route’s a lot of fun – you get to pick and choose which canyon you want to zip down and which ridge you want to flop over – but the visuals aren’t strong at all. I wonder if there’s a way for 3rd party folks to create a mod/add-on that improves the fidelity of just this area? Would be nice to be able to see the dam, the washed-out bridge, and the other visual references indicated in the R-2508 Complex Users Handbook.

Anyways, good times!

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I have the Logitech G502, love it.

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Sadly don’t have any pics or videos, but flew the northern part of this back in September while finishing up the strike eagle b course. It is like flying over another planet, absolutely awesome terrain. Also lots of hornets everywhere not talking to anyone and doing their own thing (blasted navy! :stuck_out_tongue: ) while doing a pop to lat attack up near E had a hornet fly right through the middle of the hud during the pull, was a little squirrelly to say the least


Well I know what I’m doing this weekend… Hopefully the Mirage has the legs to make it.

The full route is about 270 nautical miles (500 km). The JEDI transition cuts that in about half. It’s intended to be flown low-level, so pack accordingly!

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Hmmm. All three external bags should do it. I’ve had a lot of unintentional practice dead-sticking the bird too, so that might help…

I run this Logitech G400 for many years, happy with it. Just got another for the new build and it had to ship from China, so availability is getting limited. It is expensive at ~$75.


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Yeah, thats similar to what I had before the G502, I must have had that mouse for … heck… a lot of years, always a great mouse and long lasting, mine was slightly different, had a fancy paint job :smile:

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Oh yeah, the silver cammo one? I have one of those around here. Went to Office Max today and saw three OK Logitech mouses – the 705 looks good at $50 and there’s a wireless MX Master for $100 that has a second wheel on the side.


This one, yes. Was a bullet proof mouse. Only bought a new one becuse, it was on sale and has pretty lights in it :smile:

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I use the logitech M510 wireless. Its not a gaming mouse per se but I have had this one for 5 years now. Only thing I have ever replaced on it is the batteries.

Hmm, I wonder if the XP10 UHD 30m DEM data covers this area? Would make a nice canyon run.

…or the nearest one which is:

I don’t think so (, but hard to tell… Maybe not enough Death Valley?

Mesh V3 might cover it, I might not be UHD but it is HD

And its funny you should mention that, I flew in a 777 in X plane the other day from Atlanta to Vegas and thought it might be cool to do the Jedi Transition in a jumbo jet…

This was one of the first things I did when NTTR came out. The valley is there, but not modeled well yet. I’m hoping with the expansion into California (NTC), we’ll see this area get some updates.

Great find!