SilverDragon 3D modeling (DCS: W)

Some time ago. I was intent build some ships model to DCS: W, but never complete them. I put a 3D modeling recopilation. I expect in the future, intent complete some of ones.


a little part of ammunition


the last ammunition

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Conversation between my wife and me.

Wife from across the room, "You are looking at those funny spinning shapes on that forum again aren’t you?"
Me sat at computer, "How did you know that?"
Wife, "Because your mouth is wide open, a glazed look in your eyes and you are shaking your head."
Me, "Can you guess at everything I’m watching just by the state of my face?"
Wife, "Yes of course"
Me, “Crap.”

But seriously, this is so clever I’m gobsmacked.

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@Silver_Dragon:If you ever need textures for your models, or just different liveries, just ask the people around here- I’m pretty good. :wink:

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Pr.877 kilo and Pr.206 fire missiles vs Aegis cruises (that is a trap, P-15 missiles has not collision models and always hit the target).

Finaly I return to testing my 3D models on DCS World.

Project 205 [OSA I] and P-15M Termit [SS-N-2 Styx], FAC Swam missile attack vs LST Mk.2 on DCS W 2.1