Sim voice checklists for DCS

Brixmis posted some really nice voice operated checklists for DCS to go along with his visual guides. Looking a little further at the config and audio files, it looks like it would be pretty simple to create your own using the Paul Endersby utility that Brixmis links. I had to lower the Options-> Voice Input Confidence Threshold to 93 to get it to work reliably, but once set, the flow with an audible checklist is far superior to a handheld when using TrackIR IMO.

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That’s a nice idea,especially interested in the Huey one - is there a video or demo?

I get so frustrated with voice activated menus. It seems like one of those technologies that has been maturing for decades but still not quite there.

I remember spending WEEKS training Microsoft speech so I could get voice activated commands on Falcon 4 and still end up with this:

Me: "AWACS, declare."
F4: "Cowboy 1, Chosan tower, you are cleared to land runway 2 7"
Me: …? "AWACS, declare"
F4: "2, rejoin"
Me: …?!? "AWACS …DE…CLARE"
F4: “2, returning to base”

Ok, so it wasn’t that bad, or that consistently off, but it was wrong often enough for me to develop a long and deep-seated hatred for voice-activation technology.

Tried to talk to the “b**** of Mandumi” yet with voice-comms? Careful you don’t crash the plane while you’re laughing.

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