SimBox NG

I’m already considering making a carbon fibre seat…! :wink:


Quick question please.

But first I apologise for straying wildly off topic and also maybe asking a question you already answered somewhere else.

You know that ejection handle you made? Do you actually pull it when you want to eject and does it do anything in game or is it just cosmetic.

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Pretty sure it works. I think that he sent one to @BeachAV8R and he uses it all the time :wink:


Absolutely! IF I should have to eject, which I never do… :lying_face:

Here’s the build thread.


Shown off! :wink:

BTW, the one you made for me is starting to wear out. :open_mouth:


I started thinking that my SimBox NG needed a fire extinguisher… Not really need one, as such, but every cockpit has one, so maybe need is the correct word… I could’ve just used a prop, but why not use a real extinguisher…?
So I bought a small one for cars and camping trailers and such.

But where should I put it?

Down on the floor, beneath the seat, on the left?

On a bracket on the right hand side wall?

On the floor seems to be the most aviationish (eh, @smokinhole ?) position, but I could risk hitting it with my foot. The right side wall is probably a better place where I won’t hit it, and it’s easier to reach…

What say thee…?

  • Floor
  • Wall

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Could you pop it in that wine chiller on the right when you aren’t using it?

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Then where would I put the wine…? :thinking:

I vote for the practical solution.

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I wote for the wall. Mounted for easy reach if you need it for real, outside the box.

Clear boxtop, open lid, reach in, grab, pull out, kill fire, breathe a sigh of releaf.

If it is on the floor you would have to reach further and it could be more difficlt to pull out.

Remember seconds count when you need it.

Do i detect some inspiration from here?

Have a nice weekend.

Happy simming

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I vote: Wall.

Might get kicked on the floor and make it a bad day. :slight_smile:

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I think I would mount it horizontally against the right wall behind and below the trackball. Under the seat you risk kicking it or stepping on it. I have to say, once again, your work is amazing!

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Agree that you should put it on the wall, for reasons stated above.

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I voted for floor but I’m thinking something more like this…

…just say’n. :grin:


Not enough space there, when closing the wall…


Another poll.
Is this a good idea?

  • NO!
  • Absolutely not!

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You appear to be missing the “Best idea ever!” voting option. . .

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Aren’t you down under? Doesn’t it mean the opposite there?

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Good point!

I’m actually in the USA though, so only applies if I’m standing on my head. :upside_down_face:


Thanks, @B12!
Sharing the build and reading all the comments is very rewarding!

That’s what it’s all about!
I love building stuff. I need the creative process…
Idea, planning, design, build.
Having a project going in my head is the ultimate pastime.

It is. But i spend a lot of time building the pit.
Time that could’ve been spent simming…
But I have accepted the fact that making stuff for my flightsim hobby is just as important as the simming itself.