SimBox NG



That is indeed very true, it really depends on what you are trying to achieve.


Furniture? I get the fact that it is in the guest room and must “go turtle” when guests come over, but beyond that…I thought we were going for a Viggen cockpit look and feel…that means a few scuff marks and scratches.

I also assume you will be putting a big Swedish fin-flashes on the side…along with the standard ejection seat red warning triangles.


The idea behind the NG is that turtle mode can be engaged between sim sessions, to increase the WAF.

This is what they look like on the Viggen. Thought you knew, since…well…you have used it. Quite frequently, I might add.

Googling that pic, I found this must have item.


Touche’ Well played sir. Well played. :laughing:


Six scissor links… Say that ten times and fast…! :wink:


I trust that you have plenty of Clecos to hold your sheets in place while you rivet.


Reminds me of my mattress on CG-28


Just curious…are there certain times of the day (GMT/ZULU) when we should refrain from posting on this thread since it would interrupt SimBox NG building?

What we really need is for you to set up a web cam so we can all watch…and audio so we can all give you helpful suggestions and recommendations as you work…perhaps add a bit of color commentary. :wink:

Joking about the audio…but a web cam would be cool…just say’n. :sunglasses:


I wish! But no, I don’t. :frowning:


Slow TV reality show… :wink:


Well…only on when you are working on the project. From what I’ve seen it has going quickly.

You would have to “think to loud”, i.e. “now I will be adding this next section” so we can follow along. (If you would rather think out loud in Norwegian, I’ll have my wife type in close caption translations) :wink:


The first side wall frame, in the aluminium skin.

I have created a monster…! :fearful:


The new Bob Ross. :smile:


Fun story about the sidewalls… Well, not so funny for normal people, but you guys will probably have a laugh :wink:

I ordered the alu beams in 600mm and 1500mm lengths.

I ordered the alu skin for the sidewalls, with bent edges to wrap around the 30x30 beam of the sidewall frame. I specified that the INNER dimension had to be 1500mm.
When I built the sidewall frame, yesterday, it wouldn’t fit in the skin…! I was about to be pretty upset, as I thought I had got 1500mm OUTER dimension.

I then looked at my measuring tape…
I had measured all the short beams with a steel ruler, and all the long beams with a tape.

Sure enough! The tape was off by 0.1% or 1.5mm at 1500mm. Enough to make it too wide for the skin.


I just love Mark Evans in the Dicovery Ch. «A Plane is born» and «A Helicopter is born» shows.
Fantastic dry british humor. Learns to fly and builds his own plane and helicopter.


I can’t have LED strips there!
That’s where the scissor links go…
Why didn’t anybody correct me?


Hey @Troll, won’t the placement of your LED strips interfere with the scissor link placement!? (Just trying to help.)


…memorized by LED lights…spellbound…hypnotized…:dizzy_face: All hail Troll…Troll is our leader…must send all my money to Troll…:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


uhh…whoa…sorry I guess I zoned out there for a second…what was the question?


Damn! You’re correct! I didn’t think of that. Thanks!
Any idea where I should put ’em?

now you suggest that I put the LEDs under the frame. Making it easier to see the edge of the frame when stepping in and out


Hey @Troll, might I suggest that you place the LED strips under the frame, thus increasing it’s visibility during ingress and egress?