SimBox NG



Did some changes to the scissor link joints.
Now i have the links pivoting around some IKEA style brass furniture nuts. Smooth but firm! :wink:


Made a small foldable arm for my small monitor…


Drilled some holes in the arm, because… force x arm and… looks.
Looks good, and less weight.
What’s not to like? :wink:


Lightening Holes! Very aviation-ish. Nice.


Functional design is beautiful in its own right. There’s a lot of that going on in aeroplane design…


If it looks good, it flies good (does not apply to helicopters)


Ain’t it the truth!


Every time I look at the Viggen I can’t help but see two jet aircraft welded together. I mean that in a good way of course, but sometimes I can’t un-see it.


Well, it certainly is as cool as any two jets together… :wink:


The Oculus sensor arms are getting the lightening treatment. Mostly because of what @smokinhole said about looking ”Aviationish” (it’s a word now).
It saves about 25% weight as well. Not that it matters. As you may have guessed, the SimBox won’t fly, for real…

Anybody have any good ideas how to deburr the holes, on the inside of the square tube?


Maybe a smaller square tube with sandpaper glued and wrapped around it. I do this at work from time to time.


you did not set up a budget :wink:


The holes should only have gone through one axis though fo them to be aviation’ish! feels a bit too much now compared to what I usually see! :wink:

Then again, it’s awesome anyway!


Clearly, you haven’t seen the Oculus sensor arms on real aircraft…! :roll_eyes:



Time to put a lid on things around here…

This is the protract/retract arm for the lid at mid travel.

In its protracted position, the lid will sit at 90° from its retracted (closed) position. The Oculus sensors and the monitor will be attached to the inside of the lid…


You are not wrong! :wink:


Ok… This works.
Some adjustments needed to get everything to line up perfectly.
Also need to decide on the height for the monitor.

When everything is in place I will stain the inside in the same color as the outside.


As I was staining the inside of the lid, it hit me…
No, the lid didn’t hit me. It’s just a way of saying I remembered something.

A while ago, I moved the stick an inch forward.
Now, at the time, I didn’t think about it, but that places the stick straight under the cross beam that I built into the lid. The stick protrudes about 1cm (@Hangar200; that’s 1/100 of the distance travelled by the speed of light, in vacuum, in 1/299 792 458 seconds) above the sill. So yes, you guessed it! The lid cross beam touches the top of the stick…
As I had glued the cross beam, I had no option but to carve a notch in it.
And, naturally, since Murphy was watching, a splinter came off and disappeared into oblivion.


Perfection marred. Nuke it from orbit. Start over. This will not do.