SimBox NG



I have seen this before :slight_smile: It resulted in much anger and then resignation.


I have found that alcohol helps in these situations.

Or try to resculpture it with sawdust and resin.

Just don’t try both at the same time.


Not perfect, but I’ll take it…


Every project has one Human moment. It can be expensive when it is a deliverable, but when it is yours you can leave it as a signature and a reminder. Nice recovery. Only you will know it is there.


Why no ducttape? Proper aviation like!


Hmm… How about some high speed alu tape?


Ok, this is looking good!

Now this was anticipated, but the weight of the monitor and arm, will tilt the lid…
I have two options.
Placing a steel plate on the lower part of the lid would work. This would be an elegant solution, but heavy.

I could add a strap at the bottom to lock the lid to the chassis.

Or maybe some angle locks to the protraction arm?





You’re saying that this will help keeping things…erect…? :innocent:


Of course! :anguished:


Considering @komemiute’s suggestion, I came up with this…


Look at Mr big spender over here! :wink:


Well… Sometimes our techies leave the tape box unattended. :wink:


The [EXPLICIT LANGUAGE] notch wasn’t big enough…! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It never is :slight_smile:




The devil is in the details…
I had two DANGER ZONE/RESTRICTED AREA tags that I’ll use as flags on the sensor arms. Yes, I’ll probably walk into them anyway, so I made sure the edges aren’t too sharp…
I also put a PULL TO EJECT tag so I can reach the monitor arm lock, behind the monitor.

And… Last, but not least…
A real Sprängbomb m/71 safety pin to hold the sensor arms in the stowed position! :slight_smile:

One problem, that I did not anticipate, is the oculus sensor hits the inside of the lid, in the stowed position…

Maybe just make a recess in the lid…?


Hmmmm…nope…I’d say you need to start over from scratch. If you send the current SimBox NG to me, I’ll take care of…um…recycling the parts. :sunglasses:


A long recess made with a router would look pretty tidy if the lid is thick enough?


Yes! Good idea!
It’s 18mm, so I could go 15mm deep…