SimBox NG



Hopefully that’s enough space! I wouldn’t leave less than 3mm of wood for sure, gets thin. If you need all 18mm you could cut through and screw a “ventilation” grille or sheet of alu on the other side to tidy it up…but better looking if you don’t have to do that of course.


Guess I could leave 5mm, to be sure…


I found out that the handles almost fit as a touch controller mount. So, I added a washer, and presto!

I also added some wire guides.

Now I need to make mounts for the throttle and trackball…


The brothers are in…


Looks great! :slightly_smiling_face:

When are you going to paint the interior an ugly shade of gray and add all the scuffs and scratches? :wink:


You know, I have thought about it… Prime it in a chromate green, and paint it gray. Scuffmarks and wear can look quite good.
But, in any case, it will have to wait until next summer. :slight_smile:


I’m on the final stretch of my SimBox NG build. The project has taken far longer than anticipated. But then again, my projects usually do… :wink:

It really is coming together quite nicely.

I haven’t had any opportunity to fly my sims or play with VR during the build. I have missed it! Really missed it!

Today I got some VR stick time in Aerofly FS2. I tried the newly implemented Vulkan API renderer and flew around Chicago, from Meigs Field. The first airfield I ever flew from, in a simulator…
Man, it really felt a bit like coming home!

I had forgotten how awesome VR flightsimming really is! :vr:

At first I was a bit suprised at how bad the touch controllers tracked… Turned out I had forgot to connect one of the sensors! :man_facepalming:
With both sensors up and running, all was well again, in the virtual world. :slight_smile:


Welcome back! Enjoy your new cockpit! I am envious, hope to someday have my own purpose-built cockpit with awesome controls like you do…


A last look inside, before I attach the end plates.
Checking that nothing press against anything, or cables being squeezed.

I found a goof, actually. The Oculus sensors touched the rear upper scissor links, for the sidewalls. I forgot to account for the downwards tilt of the sensors.


Well…that’s it i’m afraid…kick it to the curb and start again!:wink:


Where instead of the curb he means a sturdy shipping box with my adress on it :smiley:


Catching up again, you’re a damn mad man! Awesome progress and design/ideation. Super cool pit.


Ain’t it the truth…! :crazy_face:

You understand why your teensy was delayed… :wink:


I thought I’d just use the old trackball mount. It’s a chopped off vesa monitor arm that worked well in the old SimBox. You can see it in one of the look through pics above.

Thing is… It’s made of steel.
Don’t you see?
The rest is aluminium.

So, I just had to make a new mount.

You guys understand, don’t you?


I do understand completely. That cannot stand.

I am just not sure yet if you should get a hinge in Aluminum, or redo the whole sim box in Carbon Fiber.


Good thinking…

Is SimBox Evolution a good name?


So… I have this ritual, when I build a new gaming PC, that goes back many moon…
Back in the days when disposable income was considerably less, and PC’s cost a small fortune over here, I had a friend in the US. Still do, actually. He used to help me out by sending hardware at US prizes, and throw me some freebies.
He had a online computer store and the PC’s he sold had these logo stickers. So, whenever I build a new rig, the sticker follows as a reminder of friendship and to be helpful to others, when I can.

Maybe someone recognize the guy? I suspect some of the old hands do… :wink:

There you go, buddy! :slight_smile:

I guess that wraps up the SimBox NG build.
Thanks for tuning in and good night!


Awesome job @Troll! Loved every bit if seeing the design process and progress!


If I remember my strength of materials class correctly, there is no electrochemical corrosive reaction between aluminum and steel. So no, I am afraid I do not see the requirement from an engineering perspective.

From an ascetics point of view, you really, really, had no other choice. Good move! :slightly_smiling_face:


There actually is, since these are alloyed materials!