SimBox NG



I found something similar, but it was made from plastic. Can’t have that!
Your cup holder would’ve passed QC though! :wink:


I normally use the cup holder that is part of the computer…you know, its near the top, you press an “eject” button and it slides out. The one thing I don’t like about my iMac…no cup holder! …what? :wink:


I thought that was a cookie tray… :cookie:


It’s actually both…


Bets are on that we will see and ‘update’ within a month xD

Troll, as with everyone just can’t help tinkering. Maybe its easier with VR since you are not always looking at your creation :slight_smile:


Looks like you already deburred the holes but for future reference a deburring tool like this one will allow you to deburr the inside of holes fairly easily. There are all different brands this is just the first one that popped up.



I have one looking exactly like that. Problem was that the tip hit the inside of the walls of the tube…


How weird, usually you can angle them a little so that you don’t hit the side walls.


Oh, it was possible. Just not that easy to get to the edge of the hole closest to the wall.


Ah I see


Sometimes a different blade can help in those situations.



Um…late to the conversation…I usually don’t have a problem with the tip hitting the walls of the tube, in fact I thought it was supposed to…or are you talking about the deburring tool? :confused:


No. Just posting generic comments.


Found some cool bling, on ebay :slight_smile:

It’s going up on the SimBox NG! :slight_smile:


You are running that on a Commodore 64??!!


No, it’s a CK37. I just thought I’d camouflage it as a C=64.


Very clever.

Burglar #1 - OK there is the SimBox. Let’s grab the computer and get out of here.
Burglar #2 - Wait a minute…oh heck…he’s using a C-64!
Burglar #1 - Drat! Let’s get out of here.


A small update…
Moved the throttle shelf backwards and swapped places with the RTT (prop/mix/trim box), that I turned around and placed the gear/flap module on the frame.
Better, I think.


A vacuum cleaner hose holder… Adjusted for :vr:


That sucks! :grin:

(Get it?? Vacuum cleaner hose holder…vacuum…sucks…get it? Oh never mind)