SimBox NG



No- it’s… eye twitch it’s-… a-ok— and…

*a rumbling sound erupts into an italic incoherent rambling! *


I think you 100% made the right call on going with the 45 degree angle.


Man this thread moves fast, I miss a few days and all kinds of things have happened!


And some of them are even good…! :wink:



This is how I’m thinking the outer skin will look like. Pop riveted alu…


That’s awesome


Make sure you use the correct number of rivets…there are a lot of “rivet counters” out there that will call you on it if you don’t.


Don’t worry! I have a direct line to the Chief Master Designer, at ConTrollR…

It’s back to the real cockpit for a week now. Won’t be much work done on the SimBox NG.


I am afraid I will miss the possibility to move the rudderpedals back and forth, when friends come to visit and play with the sim.
The old tracks worked, but had too much friction for a remote operated locking mechanism, and springs, so I just ditched the idea.
But, then I thought I might be able to fit something like these low friction rails…


Care to share some more deets on the adapter? :slight_smile:

I’m debating the VPC stick, but mounting has me hesitant.


Well, not much to say, really.

There’s a U bracket that clamps around anything between 5-25mm. The U bracket is attached directly to the gimbal, for strength, as the centering force of the stick can be set very stiff.

My adapter is just a way to mount the base to the 40x40mm frame of the seat.

The review contains more pics of the mount.


I cant believed I missed this thread before…

Wonderful progress Troll!


Well, there is a lot more than just adjustable rudder pedals to think of…first of all they would have to be checked out on the Viggen and have all the proper certifications…then you would need to give them a check ride before they could take the SimBox NG up solo…

Which would require another, tandem seat, SimBox NG…just say’n. :slightly_smiling_face:


And an extra VR HMD…
You’re right!
I haven’t thought this through. :thinking:


The first scissor link sidewall extension is complete.

Now I have to do five more… :roll_eyes:


I wish I owned a flight school (actually—no—I don’t). For if I did I would order two. In the morning you can wheel ‘em into the gang hangar and simply plug them in. When done for the day, lock ‘em back in safe storage. No need to have the expense of a dedicated room.

Monetize those mad skilz Mr. Troll!


The prospect of about 300 rivets, to fasten the outer skin, left me with one choice.
Either I develop forearms that would scare Popeye, and order a truckload of spinach. Or get the right tool for the job…

Here’s what a pulled split rivet looks like.


Hmmmmmm new tooollllssss…


You said that with the voice of Gollum, didn’t you? :wink:


I did! :smiley: