SimBox NG



It was a beautiful marriage of parts!
Everything fit as intended…naturally :wink:

I can state, safely, after the fact

I was slightly worried when I saw, first hand, how close the nuclear reactor size cooling radiator (right @Navynuke99?) got to the pedals…
But it works!

The ’instrument panel’ :slight_smile:


What a treat to have ignored this thread for months only to discover just now the magic inside. Troll…build the Jet!


Thanks @smokinhole!
Nothing pleases me more than knowing people enjoy these build blogs :slight_smile:

Now, I have a design question…

I have two towel rack style handles.
Where to put ‘em?



Or even at 45°?


1 vote for angle.


Horizontal would be most ergonomic for carrying/moving.


Another vote for angle :slight_smile:


Agreed with sobek, although the 45° one is more pleasing to the eye


I disagree on the angle. Pro equipment usually has 'em in the middle and vertically.


It will keep your toes warm when flying during those cold, sunless winter nights.


45º looks better but horizontal is probably more efficient, both pushups and lifting.


Concur. Horizontal.


I’m not going to use the handles to lift or position the SimBox.
They will be used to aid getting in and out, and hold onto during cat launches. Kidding about the cat launches. Or am I?


Still, horizontal. :slight_smile: But that’s just me.


In that case vertical is the way to go due to load distribution issues.


Although not 100% sure (when am I ever?), I went with the 45° option.

  1. It feels more natural for the wrist, in that level.
  2. The bracket is mounted to both the vertical and horizontal beams, further strengthening the construction. Not that it needs it…


so you are telling us you will NOT be holding that on a catapuilt launch on the F18c :grin:


Well, if the FA-18 model is accurate, you will need to do something with your right hand…wow, that came out with much more innuendo than I expected…perhaps with out the italics?


This reminds me of a specific episode of South Park.


I meant that you don’t want to touch your stick during the stroke……

…wait that’s not…oh forget it. :grimacing:


C’mon, @komemiute. I know you want to comment. Just get it of your chest. :wink: