Simconnect.dll for MSFS2020

What’s the deal with simconnect.dll? Searching the web and everyone seems confused about where to get it, what version to use, what the latest version is etc. MSFS2020 supports it but which version is best? I have a simconnect.dll in my MSFS2020 folder but I can’t see a version number in the porperties/details and I don’t really know where it came from. When I check my installed Apps list I see a Microsoft Flight Simulator SimConnect Client v10.0.61259.0 but I think I’ve seen more recent versions out there.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

I’m no expert on this stuff, as not really played with it, but as I understand it the latest/greatest simconnect library would be via enabling ‘Developer Mode’ in the Options / General / Developers from within MSFS and then use the wee toolbar that appears for a ‘Help / Downloads / SDK Installer’ link.

That should include the latest simconnect libraries installer. More info here:

or here

It’ll put the SDK here C:\MSFS SDK\SimConnect SDK\lib unless you specify something else.

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I knew I could count on you @fearlessfrog. Still no version number on the simconnect.dll file in that MSFS SDK directory though. :frowning: I’ll just accept that as the de facto standard for now.

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The version number is probably exposed inside the API via a call and not shown in the Windows UI.

If it is an .dll file, right click on it, select properties and then details. There may be a correct version number there. It is generally harder to put version numbers in .dll file names - if the version number changes often.