Simmarket's new app

Hey all,

I suppose you have probably noticed that Simmarket decided to force their new application for any purchases and updates from their marketplace. This, of course, requires their software to be installed locally.

Now, I dunno really why, but I tend not to trust Simmarket and am not happy about that change.

Though that is not my issue. My question to you as a bunch that is most likely more IT literate than myself (which is not too difficult :slight_smile: ) is: Is there a way to check what an installed application is doing on my Windows 10 PC? (in terms of access to files / data / information, what data / information it collects, what data / information it sends to the app provider…).

You get the idea, right?


You could run it in a sandbox I guess.

You mean a virtual machine?

I think SimMarket have made a mistake in forcing their customers to use this app. It seems that there are a lot of people who don’t like it (either the being forced part, or the app itself). I have purchased quite a few items from SimMarket over the past 18 months, so I guess I will have to use the app to keep those products up to date….but I am not sure about making future purchases through them. I guess, on the flip side to that argument, the OrbX and Aerosoft stores are now app rather than web browser based. It seems to be the way things are moving.


Either that or some other sandbox.

There is for example a firewall software by Avast that allows running software in a sandbox and monitor it.
But I haven’t used it in years.

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I think this is going to become more common. Well it already is. It will continue I guess.

It does make checking for updates easier if that’s any consolation. Lol.

I think the main objection is that you are being forced to make the change…but I guess they have their reasons. I’m pretty sure we will get used to the app after while. Having said that, I bought quite a few items on a whim while just browsing their website… those impulse buys are less likely to happen now, as I won’t be launching the app unless I have a specific reason to.


100% agreement.

Same here. I bought two or three things there but I am actually less inclined to do so in the future.

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I wrote their customer support and asked them if there is any way to avoid the app and expressed my unwillingness to install it.

They apologized but still said no.

Now I have to decide whether I want to install the app or not. Just because I cannot get Kinetic Assistant+ (one of the two items I bought there) anywhere else it seems. Or am I mistaken @thealx ?

Just yesterday I have got customer request for help as he was not able install launcher app for some reason and get latest version of the KA. I thought he just can’t see download link in the customer dashboard but to my surprise - they literally removed manual download links. It does not make much sense, I still have it in seller dashboard under my products, but it will not work for customer for sure.

Maybe they have some plans to implement security measurements to prevent piracy, but unlikely it’s possible for someone not related with MSFS development. If they will not return manual download, only solution I see is add built-in auto update, even if it cause some technical complications and may work only for desktop applications.

@Aginor you can join our Discord, everyone with tester and content creator role has access to latest version of the program, even if this is ugly workaround for sure.

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I downloaded the app today, but it didn’t ask me to install it, just run it. So that’s something. Since I usually use Add-on Linker to install 3rd party items, I suppose that I could point the app at its app reservoir instead of the Community folder. If this is the case, it won’t be a big deal IMHO.






I don’t understand, what’s the difference of installing a tool vs installing an add-on? Both allow this software vendor to set foot on your PC and run install scripts or whatever.

Unless the add-on downloads come as a zip file package with no installer at all?

Either way if you trust the add-on, it means you trust the vendor. Code execution will happen and privilege escalation exploits are a real risk.

If it asks you for permission to change the system, do you punch the yeah button without reading or fully understanding what’s going on?

Feels to me like focussing on the wrong detail when trying to achieve better security.

For me these are the main points:

  • another software to run and keep current
  • it worked before, I want to continue with what I was doing.
  • the software is a dropper by nature. Its purpose is to get stuff from the Internet and make changes on the system. I have to give it permission because it won’t work otherwise. What exactly it does? No clue. Can I Iock it into a single directory and just link to that or copy the files from there? I don’t have the time to find out.
  • will archiving older versions still work? I want to copy those files onto my NAS or something. I want to be able to roll back and I don’t want to redownload them when I migrate to another PC.
  • I am sure this is some kind of… let’s call it “DRM ■■■■” which tends to suck and break stuff.
  • I knew nothing about it beforehand. It suddenly appeared and instantly became the only option. I saw no “Caution, you have six months to migrate” notice or anything.

All the above combined are a major negative score for Simmarket in my book.
They did the right thing rolling that back.


For me it is simply a matter of trust to Simmarket which, after some experience I had with them, is not great.

I understand it may sound irrational to you :grinning:

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