SimPlates X Ultra

Anyone here using SimPlates X Ultra? I’m considering picking it up. Though you can usually track down approach plates for most ICAO airports, sometimes it is hit or miss, and the search takes time and often involves skipping in and out of dodgy websites. I’m not sure if I should go with the iPad version or the PC version though…in VR an iPad version wouldn’t be ideal. :thinking:

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Ooph…I was hoping if I bought the PC version it would come on the iPad too. But they are separate products. And the iOS version is $39.99 in the app store, while the PC version is on sale at PC Aviator for $23.97. Decisions, decisions.

Sorry for the spam - there is a demo of the PC version. So I’ll give it a whirl…

Alright. Settled on the PC Version for $23.97 after trying the demo. I like it. I think it will definitely save me from having to hunt down plates in the future. It is web-based, so you put in a query or click on a country and then it gives you a menu of what is available. Click on an airport diagram, SID, STAR, or approach plate and it connects to the Dauntless server and downloads the plate. Otherwise it would be 100GB of data…so it just retrieves what you ask for. With that said, the implication is that you need to have an internet connection to download plates. The plate opens in your PDF viewer of choice, so once in there, you can print the plate if you want, but it won’t let you save it to a file for offline viewing. Of course, print to PDF works, so that then makes it available.


I am not flying via Iceland nor Hawaii to Cape Town but I think I will try the demo anyway :slight_smile:

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i have it since years and works very well, but as expected you nt have updated plates!!! So, some correspond with reality other not so much. I like it, but more and more you have flightplanners that includes sid and stars more i rarely see the plates.