SimRail - First Look

Seems interesting. Can it surpass Dovetails Trainsim World?

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My guilty pleasure is Dovetail’s Train Simulator Classic (starting with TS2012 and Microsoft Train Sim before that)… I have probably spent more on DLC for that than any other game.

After watching that and comparing it to flight sims:

SimRail = Looks like it could be DCS with Eastern Block modules. i.e. Study level, but only one map & I really wish I had the options for English labels in the ‘cockpit’.

Train Sim Classic = IL2. i.e. Graphics aren’t as good, not quite study level (depending on the module) but lots of different vehicles to try and even if the maps aren’t as big there is a lot more variey.

I really want to support this, just like I want to support any software that will add competition into the market. I have added it to my Steam wishlist and will definitely keep an eye on this but at the moment, from what I saw in the video, A$50 is a bit too much for early access.

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Diesel Railcar Simulator on Steam (

I found this a while back, it’s an older single dev title, that’s been in EA for 5 years. I does continue to be improved, and the videos I’ve watched it certainly seems to be a decent sim. I haven’t pulled the trigger and purchased it, mainly due to a lack of simming time versus interest.

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Interesting. I had never heard of that before, thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks. Another rail sim added to my wishlist.

If they ever add a Class 55 it will be an instant buy.

I love this kind of simulation. I haven’t played for long, but it’s a great game. The graphics are amazing.

Looks interesting. Does it support VR?