The old open source Transport Tycoon spin-off has made it to Steam. Looks like a quick and easy way to get this free old classic:

There are a few historical quirks to play TT, so check out the links/tutorials here:

Alternatively you get get the ‘original’ fork of TT here:


I loved simutrans for the time when I did play it, but I cannot really see why you would pick it over OpenTTD. Anyway, I might feel strongly about having my 3000 train company in OpenTTD.

The video a mate of mine did for it, we pretty much build it with the 3 of us:

We even build a museum:

We did more things:

A lot more:

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Wow - that’s some seriously impressive TTD’ing… :train2:

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It was a strange time in my life. We’ve spend a long weekend drinking beer, making pasta, listening to weird music and playing OpenTTD in an apartment where we used a turned over bookcase as a table. T’was a great time though!

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