Simworks Studios F4B/N For FSX

Been playin’ around in it for a wee bit. Fun! Check it out…

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I was pretty excited about this thread, but then I noticed the last three letters of its title. :frowning:

Same same aginor. Although RAZBAM was a FSX dev too before they dived into DCS!

I probably watched too much RoboTech as a kid, but I involuntarily grin anytime I see a jet with VFA-103 [Editor: WRRRRRRRRONG! VF-84] livery.

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That is VF-84

This is VF-103.


I stand corrected, I wasn’t aware VF-84 was the original!

near_blind’s encyclopedic naval aviation knowledge to the rescue! :grinning:

But no really, it’s an easy mistake to make if you’re not aware of the great Tomcat Squadron culling at the end of the cold war #neverforget.

Sorry, did I miss understand the title of the Forum?

No, he was just hoping it was for DCS :yum:

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That looks a beauty @531Ghost - how’s it fly?

Actually pretty fun. Still in beta, but fun.

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Reviving an old thread, but…

…it is to be had for FREE still today (Apr 12 is the last day)


Careful with installation - some users report overwriting the dll.xml file without making a copy.


I have added it to my collection together with the F-104 available yesterday.

Will check them someday I hope :slight_smile:

What? Where? Seems I have missed something.

F-104 from Sim Skunk Works was also freebie yesterday.
I would gift it to you if I know how. I cant see me flying it any time soon, too many shiny modules to digest these days :slight_smile:

Thanks, that is very nice but not necessary :slightly_smiling_face: I am in a similar situation.

Today I got a L-39 & the Kursant Campaign to go through, actually :vr: