Since an FC4 AH64 is confirmed....

Im speaking the Apache into existence.

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Is an FC4 AH-64 confirmed?


If we speak it, they will build it.


Same as with the F111 :grin:

Well, they did have something 10 years ago. We even had one for ArmA2 almost ready to go but lost a lot of the base files in a hard drive crash. In terms of overall work effort required, the AH-64A is vastly easier to implement than the D and later.

There’s a lot more data out there on the A, naturally, but one also has to watch out for the variations over the years. There were a lot of changes made in the post-ODS world to the A, in addition to a lot of the hardware like variations between the HELLFIRE.


AH-64 the first module to come out after Ka-50 CONFIRMED – ED in 2008.

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Just two more decades! :wink:

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I am the greatest.

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Again. Citation needed.

Can we not do this? I don’t mind speculation threads or us all wanting what we want threads but …

OK that’s 3 times in less than a week. Not cool. Not funny.

No joke, ED had pictures of an AH-64A front and rear cockpits from many years ago. Sadly, the threads are no longer active at ED’s forums, but I did find this thread:

ETA: Also this: FlightSim.Com - The Fighter Collection To Release "Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark"

So does this qualify @Gunnyhighway to receive Mudspike’s first forum troll badge? :smiley:

I vote it does.


There is no citation possible for memories. Might as well ask for one that proves your parents loved you.

Yet I distinctly remember back in 2007/8 that the roadmap was Ka-50, A-10, then AH-64…until it wasn’t. Those ED-created cockpit shots are all that remains if they deleted them from the ED forums, unless you can find the necro threads on SHQ.

If the FS/BS MP thing was indeed the reason it was abandoned (as no official reason was ever given), maybe with the final inclusion of that feature they can take it up again. However, I played Gunship, Gunship 2000, Jane’s Longbow, DI’s Apache, Longbow 2, and EEAH/CH all offline (as well as online for some) and had no trouble flying it by myself, switching between cockpits as needed.

It was nicer with 2, but not required. Maybe for a “DCS” version it would be, but not for FC.


No Field of Dreams fans here?

For posterity’s sake, the pictures I posted were from the AH-64A that Nodunit made for ArmA2. The ones in the ED thread are legit, though.