Since I'm not a rock guitarist... Who else is a drummer?

I am!
Single bass drum, multi crash, multi ride, dozens of drumsticks.

Also I love Turkish brass.

Sadly I was “convinced” by my wife we wouldn’t need it anymore and sold it.

My beautiful Black Pearl. T_T

Alas… Does anyone else smash?


I have a cajon, a box engineered to sound cool when slapped. Does that count?

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Double bass MAPEX. 3 rack Toms, 1 floor tom, 2 hihats, 2 crash, 2 rides, 1 splash 1 china.

Didn’t have room after getting out of the military, so I gave it to a friend whose kid really wanted to drum.

Sad but still don’t have room.

Had a yamaha electric set that my ex sold before I could even open it. Pissed about that but not as much as I am about the double iron cobra pedal she sold as well.

Will defiantly be getting a electric kit soon though.


@schurem everything counts!

@weaponz248 Awesome… Also, yeah I know the feeling.


Does it count if I always wanted to be a drummer but had no ability to hold multiple beats in my head at the same time?


As long as you can count you are good!

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While on the topic…Gavin Harrison from Porcupine Tree is an absolutely SICK drummer.

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Bass player here, so I guess I’m in neither club. I have always observed an incredible lack of drummers though, and am dedicated to contribute to a solution. Once I get a larger (proper) house, I will try to become a drummer or make one. Or both.
In the meantime, I beat the drums everytime I am in a band practice and we “take a break”.


I played bass in a small church band for a few years. That’s close enough to drums, right? :sweat_smile:

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