Singer Porsche 911 for Assetto Corsa

Agree with Elby. Thanks @DanTDBV. I had already maxed out PC2, but had hardly any Assetto Corsa DLC. I used the AC link and bought all of the DLC for a ten spot. Schweet deal.

That adjustment is built into the launcher now. You can also do some tweaking on .ini files to really tune it to your tastes, but lately I’ve been having so much fun hot lapping that I haven’t even seen the AI in ages. Might be worth another look now.

Mmm, never really fallen for those titles. The physics just seems…off. Kind of skatey and no feel. After driving an F1 car in Assetto Corsa, I just couldn’t get used to Codemaster’s interpretation of the cars.

I’ll agree with that. I’ve bought from both and had no issues with either, but Fanatical just looks a little more professional and trustworthy. If Indie Gala has better deals, though, I wouldn’t turn them down.

Usually if I’m in the mood to buy something, I’ll check the prices here:
It checks the prices at most major stores, and will give you the best current, and previous, discounts. Great for saving a few bucks.

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when’s the last codies F1 title you tried? last 2 or 3 have been good, if it’s been a bit since you last played one of there F1 titles.

just FYI indiegala has been around since a little after humble bundle started, they used to offer up bundles when that was the craze, so they’re a real company, no shady or even questionable stuff there. Heck I think that’s where I got my RoF planes to start, in a bundle.


F1 2019. :laughing:
They’re not bad by any measure, just not quite my taste. I really do want to like them (one of the few games built around a full series), but it just never felt like I could really push the cars comfortably. Maybe I just need more time/practice.

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Now that this thread is completely derailed, I was watching @chipwich’s “Getting Into Sim Racing” vid and was interested in the Assetto Corsa “launcher that bypasses its awkward menu” and here it is … Content Manager … looks really good …

Here are two other top Assetto Corsa apps I’m now interested in as a casual driver. Sidekick is rated #3 on downloads at RaceDepartment and Helicorsa is #1. I put Helicorsa second because it’s not as casual as Sidekick. :smiley:

Question about the Singer Porsche @chipwich … have you gotten the handbrake to work?

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Did you ever try the ‘79 season mod in rFactor? All of the cars and tracks. Villeneuve, Scheckter, Andretti, Lauda, Piquet, Regizzoni, Tombay, Hunt, Arnoux, Fittapaldi, Rossberg, Jones, Depailler, Ickx, Laffite, Mass, Stuck, Patresse, Watson, Daly, Reuteman. I probably missed a few and undoubtedly slaughtered the spelling of most their names. It was a time when ground effect was heavily used, but not completely understood. The Renaults had massive power, but horrible turbo lag. The Ferraris handled incredibly well, except when they were upset, and then lost all grip instantly. The Legier might have been the most balanced of the bunch, but could be beaten on fast tracks.

The ‘79 mod pretty much ticked all of the check boxes with how the cars performed and what the tracks of that era were like to drive. Silverstone, for instance, was basically flat out for most of the circuit. Monaco was hell to drive in those powerful cars, but to survive the entire race with a full grid of humans when over half the field retired, was such an accomplishment, one felt as if they had landed their first solo flight or given birth. You were terrified for each week’s practice, but so filled with adrenaline afterward, that you couldn’t help but come back for the next week’s fix. I could go on.


fair enough. I only asked in case it had been a bit since you last tried it, since they improved a lot.

That is sort of the problem with a lot of these sims though, not the sim itself, but everyone has their own preferences/opinions on which they like better, which is also makes it hard to get enough people together to race.

AC for me got ruined when not long after it launched someone described it as “Fiat 500 Abarth and slightly different feeling Fiat 500 Abarth’s” :rofl: I’ve never been able to drive it after that and not think that while driving.

Some people love it, some people hate it, same goes for every sim out there it seems.

do want to give a 2nd for the '79 mod though for rFactor 2, top quality stuff there.

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It’s setup but haven’t tried it. Let you know.

Thanks guys, don’t have rFactor (1 or 2) yet, but looking to pick them up. Will definitely take a peak at the '79 F1 mod when I do.

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After work today, I drove AMS2, PC2, and AC2 back to back. In each sim I took my time setting up a wheel profile beginning with Fanatec suggested settings and then tuning the FFB to try to get the best feel. Will try WRC8 tonight.

Without a doubt, AMS2 has the best FFB. In fact it’s the only one the feels good enough to be called a racing sim, IMHO. It’s hard to believe that it’s using the same game engine as PC2. For instance, when you are holding a fast sweeper, you can feel the tires pulsing and fighting for grip. In the others, especially PC2, grip is like a light switch. AC2 is the best of the rest. Not that you can’t have fun in any of them, it’s just that when you’ve tasted a good craft Pale Ale or IPA, it’s hard to go back to PBR.

What do you think of this one overall, with an eye towards physics and FFB? It’s on sale at the Epic store right now, so I’m tempted.

Unfortunately, I got WRC 7 in a bundle a while ago, but just fired it up for the first time. Looked a bit gamey, and the the internal view leaves something to be desired (a view of the rev counter, specifically!). Also, the biggest thing for me, was that the FFB felt atrocious. Just felt like a lot of weight and couldn’t feel what the car was doing at all. Really put a damper on it for me.

Thoughts? Is WRC 8 better, more on par with DR2.0 for car feel and FFB?

It has a nice interface and the current WRC teams, drivers, and cars represented, the latter being beautifully rendered. The stages are longer and presented somewhat differently, not better or worse. More like looking at a different artist’s paintings.

But I am not coming to grips (pun intended) with the physics model or setups. The cars have way too much understeer and the ratio seems like it was setup for a game controller. I have tried to tune it out, but not having a lot of luck. You can move the dif and brake bias rearward, but that just get the rear end more loose, and does nothing for the front. The steering ratio also feels like it gets looser the more that you turn it, so when you are hanging it all out there, you get less reaction from the steering. I would give it a pass at this point. No VR either.

A shame, because it would be nice to have another rally option. I recommend that you give it a pass and try Automobilista 2. Pretty incredible FFB in that one. Still in early release prices.

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I saw AM2 was in early access…and then I saw the price of its season pass! $100??? :grimacing:

Never saw a season price as much as a game before, let alone over twice as much…

Yeah, that’s a heap of gaming money. Wish that I could have back the money that I spent on WRC 8 and apply it to AMS2 DLC :grin: Anyway, still $39.99 in early release with a bunch of content. Will be interesting to see what they offer ER buyers when it is released in ver 1.0.

A WRC 9 preview video is out, but judging by the forum comments, looks like more of the same. I think that basically this is a an arcade game that has a PC interface. It probably doesn’t have much of a tire physics model and makes no apology for it.

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Gah… why can’t there just be one perfect game to get. I don’t want to install half a dozen racing sims on my PC. :smiley:


Thanks for the input guys (you too Mudcat), looks like I’ll be sticking with DR2.0 for now, and probably putting that money towards rFactor. No VR for WRC 8 wasn’t a deal breaker for me if the physics were great, but sounds like it doesn’t check that box.

I’ve already picked up AMS2 (just the base version, not shelling out $100 just yet!), and started turning wheels in anger last night. Only tried out some of the modern “F1” machinery so far (V10 onwards), but already feels really good, about on par with AC if my memory serves. The modern F1 cars are always tricky to get right, given the speed of the cars compared to the reaction time of the FFB in the wheel (at least on my belt driven T500RS, probably better on a direct drive wheel), but they’ve done an awesome job so far. Looking forward to diving deeper into the sim.


actually finally ordered up a stand for my wheel and pedals, nothing fancy, just the cheap GT Omega one, but it doesn’t have a bar inbetween the feet and reviews say it’s solid and doesn’t tilt, so that’s good I hope.

Ooops wasn’t where I meant to post this, oh well, I’m a derailer now too


I’ve more or less settled in on DR2 for rally, AC for road racing, and AMS2 for hot lapping. FYI, there is a night/weather mod for AC called SOL. Have not tried it yet and don’t know if it works with multiplayer.

That was the complaint that I had with my PlaySeat setup. Drove that way off an on for 12 years. Probably contributed to my getting a right hip and left knee replacement last year :grin:


We’ll see how this goes, I mean doesn’t look all that bad, might actually be able to even play the thing on the PS4 properly now too. Might even be able to properly flight sim now too, imagine that.

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